10 amazing vegetables to plant in April for an ultra-productive vegetable garden!

This is the perfect time to plant lettuces in your garden. Easy to grow, they can be eaten about 30 days after planting. Moreover, they are ideal to fill in spaces between other crops.

Potatoes are also easy to grow and very popular on our plates. Just choose healthy and plant them in deep furrows. You can harvest these delicious tubers around September-October.

Vegetables for your garden: Onions and leeks that will revolutionize your garden

April is the perfect month to plant onion bulbs. Easy to grow, they will be ready to harvest as soon as their foliage starts to turn yellow. Leeks thrive in rich soil amended with compost.

Before transplanting your leeks, let them dry in the sun for 48 hours, then cut the roots and shorten the shoot. By following these , your plants will be protected from worm infestations and will grow well.

Original vegetables to brighten up your garden: Kohlrabi, eggplant and Jerusalem artichokes, the trendy vegetables of the moment

Why not plant kohlrabi, eggplant and Jerusalem artichokes? These original and tasty will bring a touch of originality to your vegetable garden and will delight your taste buds during the harvest.

Kohlrabi and eggplant are planted in April, while Jerusalem artichokes are planted like potatoes. Their harvests will be spread out from July to fall, offering a diversity of flavors to be tasted.

Berries and Herbs to Complete Your Garden: Juicy Strawberries and Fragrant Herbs, Vegetable Garden Essentials

Strawberry plants are planted in the spring in well-prepared soil enriched with compost. Two months after planting, you can harvest your first strawberries. Don't forget to add mulch to protect the from mold.

Some herbs, such as thyme, mint or chives, can be planted directly in the ground as early as April. Create a space dedicated to your aromatic plants to enhance your recipes for several months. These herbs can be eaten fresh, dried or frozen.

A diversified vegetable garden for a tasty summer: Plan your dream vegetable garden now!

Now that you know the 10 must-have vegetables to plant in April, it's time to prepare your vegetable garden. Take the time to measure your planting space and check which plants are compatible with each other. Some vegetable combinations can be particularly beneficial to your garden.

If you need additional advice or have any questions, please contact us. It will be our pleasure to help you create a productive and tasty garden. On your tools, get set, plant!

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