13 alarming signs that your partner is cheating on you: Don’t stay in the dark!

You are here for different reasons: you think your partner is on you, you are the cheater and don't want to be found out, or you are just looking for information to avoid falling into the trap in the future. Either way, you've come to the right place. Discover the 13 tell-tale behaviors of and put an end to your doubts.

1. The secret use of the telephone

Cheaters tend to use their phones in secret. If your partner doesn't answer calls and messages when you're present and often takes the phone into secluded rooms, there's reason to wonder.

2. Suddenly new tastes

The cheater may develop “new tastes” or interests in activities he or she never had before. If your partner doesn't explain how he or she discovered these new passions, you have good reason to be suspicious.

3. A drastic change in appearance

A change in appearance can be a sign of infidelity. If your partner changes his or her appearance for no apparent reason, he or she may be trying to impress another person.

4. Hidden financial details

Cheaters often tend to hide financial information. If your partner is strangely regarding finances and no longer gives you free access to his or her account, be vigilant.

5. Showers too often and at unusual times

If your partner suddenly takes showers at strange times, it may be because he or she is trying to hide evidence of infidelity.

6. Changes in work schedules

A change in work schedule can be a sign of infidelity. If your partner suddenly has new evening or weekend work obligations and he or she responds with evasions when you ask questions, pay attention.

7. Buying new clothes (and lingerie)

Buying new clothes, especially lingerie, can be a sign of infidelity. If your partner starts wearing more revealing clothes, he or she may be trying to impress someone else.

8. Sudden mood swings

Unfaithful people often have sudden mood swings, going from a gentle, caring attitude to angry outbursts. This may be due to feelings of guilt.

9. The desire to spend time alone

If your partner is starting to want to spend more time alone, it may be because he or she is acting like a single person on the sly. Weekends that used to be reserved for time together as a couple are now devoted to time alone.

10. Change of passwords

If your partner suddenly changes the passwords to his or her phone and computer, it may be suspicious. Why doesn't he or she give you unrestricted access to their devices anymore if he or she has nothing to hide?

11. Sex is different

Changes in sex life can be signs of infidelity. Whether your partner's sex drive has increased or decreased, any significant change in your intimacy is worth examining.

12. Sudden attentions (gifts, surprises…)

If your partner suddenly gives you more expensive gifts or showers you with small attentions for no apparent reason, he or she may be feeling guilty and trying to ease his or her conscience.

13. You feel that he or she is cheating on you

Sometimes there are no concrete signs, but your instincts tell you that your partner is cheating. If this feeling persists, it is possible that you are right. Don't hesitate to bring up the subject or make a firm decision. Remember that no one deserves to be with someone who hurts them. If you think your partner is being unfaithful, distance yourself.

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