3 tips to clean the inside of your microwave without making your life difficult

The microwave is one of the household appliances we use the most on a daily basis, and due to its use, it accumulates bacteria and germs. Many types of are heated in the microwave, which creates bad smells and residues that need to be cleaned.

These residues can also cause failures in the microwave oven. For example, the or electrical components may fail. In this case, the heating rate of the food may be reduced, which decreases the performance of the appliance.

To avoid this, it is necessary to clean the microwave oven from time to time, it will remain fresh and clean, diseases will be avoided, and the life of the microwave oven will be longer. These will not only help you to clean it: they will also help you to clean it quickly.

Cleaning Tips

In addition to the simplest tips, such as placing a protective cover with food or wiping with a wet wipe after each use, there are many other tips that are also very fast and effective if we could not do one of the previous two. White vinegar is one of these solutions. With a spoonful mixed with water in a suitable container, it should be heated for three minutes at maximum power. When it cools, remove it and wipe the inside with a cloth.

Another very simple method is to use lemon. The smell it leaves in the microwave is spectacular, and all you have to do is heat the lemon juice for five minutes and let the steam work for 10 minutes. With a scouring pad, simply remove the dirt from the walls and let it dry with the door open so it can air out.

Finally, you can use . Put three tablespoons in a bowl and add water until you get a paste. Simply spread this mixture on the microwave and leave it on for 10 minutes. Once this is done, you can remove it with a damp cloth.

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