4 tips to boost your productivity and manage a busy day

Who hasn't dreamed of being more efficient, completing all their tasks and maximizing their time? Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, we sometimes find it hard to achieve our goals.

Fortunately, Mago More, one of Spain's most sought-after speakers, gives us his keys to improving our productivity, whether at work or in our daily lives.

Technology: an ally or an obstacle?

To optimize our working time, it's essential to master the technological tools at our disposal. According to Mago More, we often under-use our smartphones, even though they are packed with practical, time-saving features. By turning off notifications in our free time, we disconnect and concentrate fully on our tasks. In fact, we unlock our screen an average of 150 times a day, which is detrimental to our productivity and ability to concentrate.

Preparation and organization for a productive day

There's no better way to start the day than with a good breakfast. After all, glucose has a considerable impact on our energy and productivity. What's more, grouping similar tasks together saves time, because our brains don't have to adapt to new contexts with each task. So, by reducing interruptions and organizing our timetable, we optimize our productivity and avoid spreading ourselves too thin.

Leave room for inspiration in a relaxed environment

Overwork and activity saturation are detrimental to our . That's why it's important to allow for moments of boredom and relaxation. Mago More recommends doing nothing, letting your mind wander, to encourage the emergence of new ideas. He also reminds us of the importance of giving free time to foster their imagination and curiosity.

Understanding our brain's limits

We often think we can multi-task, but our brains aren't designed for it. Instead of spreading ourselves too thin, it's more efficient to combine one rational activity with another that doesn't require intense thinking. For example, we can listen to a podcast while doing some housework. This activates our brain and makes a less pleasant task more bearable.

With these , Mago More invites us to adopt a new philosophy of routine, where the importance is not so much reaching our goals as trying to achieve them by giving our best. So, are you ready to boost your productivity and optimize your time?

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