5 beliefs that plague your life and how to overcome them

False beliefs can impact your . An expert psychologist reveals the that hold you back and how to overcome them to live a fulfilling life.

The false beliefs that keep you from being happy

Beliefs shape our lives and condition our actions, our projects and our aspirations. Some come from our education, others from our past experiences and still others from the virtual world in which we evolve. and recommendations influence our choices, as do our personal and our environment. But how can we distinguish our true desires from those that are imposed on us?

The beliefs that guide our actions can stem from past personal experiences and events that have caused a change in us. Sometimes we act without thinking, which increases our chances of making mistakes. However, the real compass that guides our actions is our own self-interest, priorities and sacrifices. The advice of a coach or psychologist can help us better understand and overcome our limiting beliefs.

1. “I must be perfect”

“I must work hard to be perfect” is a mistaken belief. While it is true that “he who wants the end wants the means,” many factors come into play, such as . Rather than striving for perfection, psychologist Marcia Reynolds suggests, “People will admire my efforts, especially if I acknowledge and accept my mistakes, knowing that we are all learning for the future. I strive to be excellent, not perfect.

2. “Everyone must agree with me”.

It is important to listen to the opinion of those around us, without becoming a puppet without or will. “To get everyone's approval is an impossible task”, reminds the expert. It is essential to feel good about your choices, even if they do not please everyone.

3. “You have to earn a lot of money to be happy.

Even if money doesn't make you happy, it contributes to it. It is therefore important to find a between our passions and our material needs. Following our aspirations without falling into the illusion of easy money is the key to a fulfilling life.

4. “I will never be good enough”

Reynolds suggests replacing this negative phrase with: “I can fear failure and feel the thrill of learning and expanding my skills and knowledge with new experiences. If I remember my purpose, what I stand for, and the strengths I employ to achieve a positive outcome, I will have the courage to act even when I am afraid.

5. “I can't get angry because that would drive people away from me”

According to the expert, “anger, like all emotions, is an energy that drives the body to act. If we can interpret our anger and determine why we are angry, we will also know whether or not we are ready to distance ourselves from someone. The healthiest thing to do is to try to talk and listen to the person who has offended or hurt us. It takes willingness and openness to listen to what the other person has to say. If, despite this, the other person does not want to listen or accept our anger, it is best to step back so as not to escalate the situation.

In conclusion, to live a fulfilling life, it is essential to become aware of these false beliefs and to overcome them. The key is to find a balance between our aspirations, our needs and our relationships, while remaining authentic and in tune with our true desires.

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