5 clothes to avoid when out walking: fashion tips

Walking is a great way to stay fit and healthy without the impact of more rigorous forms of exercise.

In fact, according to Harvard Publishing, walking comes with a range of major benefits including improved immune function, reduced risk of certain types of , , improved joint health and more. But to take full advantage of all these benefits, it's important to choose the right clothes to wear on your walks.

Not sure what to wear on your next outing? Read on to discover the five garments experts say you should never wear on a walk.

1. Skirts and dresses without shorts underneath

Taking long walks, especially in hot weather, can lead to perspiration and chafing. So it's important to choose clothes that allow your to breathe. Kevin Le Gall, fitness expert and owner and editor-in-chief of Maison d'escalade, recommends avoiding wearing skirts or dresses without shorts underneath. These garments don't protect your inner thighs from chafing in hot weather. To avoid chafing and discomfort, be sure to wear shorts or leggings under your skirt or dress before setting off on a long walk.

2. Unsupportive shoes

The choice of is essential for a comfortable, injury-free walk. Juju Sheikh, personal trainer and founder of fitness app Collectif Cloud Nine, advises never to walk in shoes without proper support. This includes flip-flops, sandals, high heels and without arch support. Appropriate walking shoes should provide adequate support around the soles of the feet and ankles, while being strong enough to withstand various types of terrain. Neglecting your choice of footwear can lead to blisters, cramps and even stress fractures.

3. Non-breathable fabrics

When going for a walk, especially a long one, it's important to opt for clothing made of breathable, moisture-wicking fabrics. Non-breathable fabrics are bulky, heavy and can cause perspiration and discomfort. They don't let air or moisture through, resulting in high heat retention and poor . So avoid synthetic fabric blends, vinyl, PVC, rubberized fabrics and heavy denim when out and about. Even everyday clothes like jeans and cotton T-shirts can prove heavy and unabsorbent on a walk.

4. Unsupported bras

Choosing the right bra is also important when out walking. Juju Sheikh explains that wearing an unsupportive or uncomfortable bra can lead to discomfort, strain on the back and shoulders, and restriction of natural movement. This can lead to imbalances in your body and injury if this situation is maintained over a long period of time. For a pleasant, pain-free walking experience, be sure to wear a bra that offers good support and optimum comfort.

5. Headphones

Although headphones aren't really clothing, it's important to mention them here. In fact, many experts recommend not using them when you're out walking, especially when you're walking in unfamiliar areas. If you're walking in the evening or early morning, trying to beat the heat, it's best to remain aware of your surroundings at all times to ensure your .

To make the most of your walks and avoid tension, injury and discomfort, it's essential to choose your clothes carefully. Avoid skirts and dresses without shorts, shoes without support, non-breathable fabrics, bras without support and the use of headphones. This way, you can start your walk in comfort and safety.

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