5 dreams that announce problems in your relationship according to therapists: read before it’s too late!

Did you have a strange dream about your relationship? It may be time to take these messages seriously to avoid future problems. Find out the 5 dreams that could herald trouble in your relationship according to experts.

1. Dreaming of infidelity: what does this nightmare hide?

Dreams of are not always to be taken literally, especially if they come out of nowhere. Lauri Loewenberg, a professional dream analyst, explains that it could mean that you feel “wronged” in the relationship, or that you are experiencing a situation of exclusion in your waking life.

According to Lisa Lawless, psychotherapist and CEO of Holistic Wisdom, these dreams could also reflect unresolved issues in your relationship, or even project your own desire to be unfaithful. If you dream that you are the one on your partner, it could reveal your anxieties, guilt, insecurities, fear of abandonment or unfulfilled needs and desires.

2. Your ex keeps making appearances: watch out for old demons!

If you're constantly dreaming about your ex, it could mean you're still processing emotions from the relationship or breakup, Lawless suggests. It could also indicate that you fear repeating itself. Loewenberg adds that our dreams often borrow from the past to help us assess how we're doing and whether we're repeating the same mistakes.

3. Cars: an indicator of balance in your relationship?

A dream in which you and your partner are in a car can be revealing about the state of your relationship. Joyce Keller, psychic and author, explains that if your partner is driving and you suddenly get behind the wheel because the car is getting out of control, it could mean that one of you is being overbearing or neglectful.

If the brakes don't work, it could indicate a bad dynamic in your relationship. And if the car is broken down or stuck, it could mean that your relationship is also stuck. Finally, if you dream that your car is lost or stolen, it could mean that the relationship has lost its meaning or energy.

4. Ships: a strong symbol for your relationshipSHIP

Loewenberg explains that ships or boats in dreams can say a lot about our romantic relationship, as water usually represents our emotions. A sinking ship is a major warning that your relationship is sinking, probably due to too much drama or negativity. If the ship is drifting or lost, it could mean that your relationship is on hold rather than moving forward. As for a warship, it could indicate that there is too much conflict in the relationship.

5. Cats and dogs: animals that reveal the state of your relationship

Cats and dogs can be very telling about the state of your relationship. Loewenberg explains that dogs often symbolize loyalty and in our dreams. If the in your dream is sick, dying or injured, it could be a sign that your relationship is coming to an end. If the dog is threatening or attacking, it could indicate a toxic relationship.

Cats, on the other hand, generally represent sexual energy. Loewenberg says that if the in your dream is sick, injured, dead or dying, it could mean that the sexual energy in your relationship is also declining. An angry or aggressive cat could be a warning that the sexual aspect of the relationship is harmful, or that you are angry about it for some reason.

In conclusion, if you have any of these dreams, it is important to take time to think about what they mean for you and your relationship. Listen to your intuition and don't hesitate to consult a professional if necessary to help you decipher these dream messages.

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