5 gardening tips to do before May for a carefree summer in your garden!

Despite the vagaries of the weather, it is undeniable that spring has arrived, and is fast approaching. Many French people are preparing their garden for the barbecue season.

It's not always easy to know where to start to make your garden as pleasant as possible, but according to Anna Hampshire there are five tasks to do before May to make life easier later in the summer season.

A clean and inviting patio

Anna says the first step is to clean up your deck or patio, “Start early by getting rid of unnecessary from your yard. This means getting rid of weeds, , unused furniture, old bikes and anything else that clutters the space.

You may find that organic deposits have built up, which you can clean with a pressure washer set on low.

Garden furniture as good as new

After giving your deck a good clean, it's time to take care of your outdoor furniture. If it's been put away, make sure it's clean and in good condition. Anna adds, “For those whose furniture has spent the winter outside, give it some care by and repainting it if necessary.

A structured and organized garden

Maintaining a garden can quickly become overwhelming and leave room for clutter. Anna recommends dividing your garden into well-defined sections to make it more manageable throughout the year.

She continues: “Japanese steps or pebble paths can be used very effectively to create relaxed divisions between, for example, lawns, vegetable gardens and seating areas.

You can also create a play area for , a great way to introduce them to nature.

Volume for a bigger garden

The gardening expert also advises adding height to your garden to give the impression of a larger space. She explains, “Do this by using a structure such as a pergola. A pergola defines vertical space and can actually make a small garden look bigger if you make it slightly rhomboidal, with the narrower end facing away from you.

Pergolas are also fantastic for accommodating more climbing in your space, such as clematis, climbing roses or honeysuckle.

Vertical greenery to enhance your garden

Finally, add vertical greenery to enhance your garden even more. Anna explains, “Vertical gardens, which raise plants above the ground to adorn walls and other vertical surfaces, are ideal for gardeners with limited space.

However, there's nothing to stop those with larger gardens from borrowing ideas from micro-gardeners to create a touch of magic.

By following these from Anna Hampshire, you'll be able to enjoy your garden to the fullest all summer long without worrying about gardening chores causing you problems later in the season. So don't wait any longer, get to work and get your garden ready for an unforgettable summer!

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