5 incredible flowers to plant in April for a spectacular garden!

April is the perfect time to prepare your garden for dazzling blooms. Discover these 10 extraordinary flowers to sow now for a colorful and fragrant garden.

The stars of the garden : Red Label Dahlia and California Lilac

The red label dahlia is the first flowering plant to have obtained this certification, guaranteeing exceptional quality. Its vibrant colors and unique shape will enhance your garden. The California lilac, with its beautiful blue flowers and delicious fragrance, is cold hardy and brings a touch of exotic color.

Exceptional climbers: Dipladenia Diamantina and large-flowered clematis

Dipladenia Diamantina is a delicate climber with white, pink, red or yellow trumpet-shaped flowers. It will add an elegant touch to your garden. As for the large-flowered clematis, it offers a generous and spectacular bloom. Don't forget to protect its feet with a mulch.

Stately and elegant shrubs: Rhododendron and Mexican Orange

Rhododendron is a stately shrub that thrives in partial shade. Its voluminous flowers do not require pruning. The Mexican orange tree is famous for its flowers, which give the garden the scent of orange blossom, adding an intoxicating touch to your green space.

Tall perennials for a spectacular effect

Among the many varieties of tall perennials, some can reach 2 meters in height, such as delphinium, hollyhock, aster, bellflower, purple foxglove or helianthus. These plants will give volume and a dramatic effect to your garden.

Exoticism and zenitude with fargesia bamboo and lilac

The fargesia bamboo, with its long thin stems and green leaves, will bring a zen and exotic atmosphere to your garden. The lilac, a robust and hardy flower, blooms in summer and can withstand the cold. Choose the simplest variety for an exquisite fragrance!

Flowers to sow for an easy care garden

Sowable plants, such as California poppy, gaillardia, nasturtium, knapweed, immortelle, snapdragon, cosmos or zinnia, grow directly in the garden soil without transplanting. They are therefore ideal for a garden that is easy to maintain and always colorful.

April is the perfect time to plant these flowers and create a stunning, custom garden. Feel free to mix and match colors, shapes and scents to create a space that is uniquely yours. These 10 incredible flowers will transform your garden into a true haven of peace, where you can enjoy the beautiful days with family and friends. So grab your tools and let your imagination run wild for a spectacular garden!