5 irresistible fragrances that make you more attractive, according to the experts

The scents we wear play a crucial role in how potential partners perceive us. According to Laura Wasser, relationship expert and head of divorce evolution at, “Scents can trigger powerful and emotions, which influence our level of attraction to someone.” Discover below the scents that will make you irresistible to the experts.

1. Vanilla: sweet nostalgia to warm hearts

Numerous studies suggest that scents can influence our emotions. Vanilla, for example, is often associated with happy memories such as baking, and is believed to have a positive impact on our mood. According to Lisa Lawless, CEO of Holistic Wisdom, this fragrance can “evoke beautiful memories or create a sense of comfort and warmth,” sensations that are essential for attraction and relationship building.

2. Musk: mystery and sophistication

Warm, earthy, musky scents such as sandalwood and patchouli can make you seem “grounded, personable and sophisticated,” qualities that often attract, according to Lisa Lawless. Sandalwood, frequently used in spas and studios, is associated with calming feelings. Laura Wasser adds that subtle musky scents can arouse curiosity and the desire to get to know you better.

3. Citrus: for communicative energy

To appear energetic and happy on a date, opt for scents with citrus notes. Lisa Lawless explains that, “In aromatherapy, citrus scents, especially orange, are considered to be sources of joy. They offer a sense of freshness and vitality, which can be very appealing.”

4. Lavender: relaxation to seduce

is generally associated with relaxation. Indeed, its scent can stimulate the of neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine, regulating mood and promoting relaxation. According to Lisa Lawless, when people feel calm and comfortable in your presence, you appear more attractive.

5. Floral: the romantic and feminine touch

scents like lilac and ylang-ylang are often perceived as “romantic and feminine” according to Lisa Lawless. A 2020 study conducted by found that ” 85% of men admit to being more attracted to women wearing a ‘floral' fragrance”. These floral aromas, as well as the other fragrances mentioned in this article, can have a striking effect.

However, Lisa Lawless cautions, “Keep in mind that wearing a strong perfume around people who are sensitive to scent may be prohibitive, while others who are fond of intense scents may find it stimulating. Most people, however, have limits on how much intensity they can tolerate, so it's best not to over-spray yourself with perfume or cologne.”

In summary, choosing the right perfume can make you more attractive to others. Be subtle and choose scents that evoke pleasant emotions, such as vanilla, musk, citrus, lavender and floral. This will maximize your chances of pleasing and creating lasting connections with the people around you.

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