5 low-cost homemade tips to protect your cat from the heat

With the arrival of and the typical late-July temperatures, we're all getting hot. But if we humans are melting, what about our pets?

Everyone knows to be careful with dogs, who can get “stuck” to the asphalt if you take them out of the house. But what about cats? Our feline companions are very sensitive to temperature changes, especially when the thermometers rise sharply. Here are a few simple, homemade and inexpensive and to help you look after your kitties this summer and keep them comfortable despite the heat.

Fresh water: the essential ingredient for keeping your cat hydrated

It may seem obvious, but it's never a pointless reminder. Throughout the year, but especially during the hottest days and months, it's advisable to change your 's water several times a day. He should always have fresh water available, either in bowls or in a fountain. It's also important to change the water in the fountain more often in summer. Cats tend to drink very little by habit, but if fresh water is always available, they are more likely to rehydrate when they need to.

The ice towel: a simple trick to refresh your cat

Does your cat get too hot in summer? There's a very simple solution to cool him down: take a washcloth, roll it up, put it in an airtight (or sealed) bag and place it in the freezer for several hours. When you take it out of the bag, it will be cold, but not frozen, making it perfect for placing next to your cat. You'll see that he'll fall asleep on it. The key is to always have towels in the freezer. That way, when one towel overheats, there's always a spare. This simple trick can also be combined with cold mats sold in pet shops. If you place them on the floor, you can be sure he'll lie down on them to cool off.

Refreshing brushing: take care of your cat's fur in summer

Brushing your cat in summer should become an almost daily routine (if in doubt, ask your vet). This way, dead hairs won't accumulate and your cat won't be so hot. But you can also take advantage of high temperatures to stroke and “comb” your cat with a small towel soaked in cold water. Your cat will appreciate being pampered. It's also essential to wipe his head, back and paws with a damp cloth every day, or even several times if you see that the heat is killing him.

Refreshing wet food: a delicious tip for your cat

A balanced for a cat consists of a combination of and wet food, both of good quality and with ingredients as natural as possible. Wet food in itself keeps cats who find it hard to drink hydrated, but what if we gave them a little extra coolness in summer? What's more, it's very simple: just put their tin in the for a while before feeding it to them. There are also wet meals in the form of soups, which include a little broth that drives them crazy if it's fresh.

Ice cream for cats: a refreshing treat

Who doesn't in summer? So why not prepare ice cream for cats to refresh your pet? There are various ways to prepare them: you can take their wet food, put it in an ice cube tray and give it to your cat to feed and cool down at the same time. Another option is to puree your cat's favorite fruits (the ones that won't poison him) and make ice cream from them in the ice cube tray. But beware: if he doesn't eat them under supervision, he'll make a mess. To avoid this, make your cat an ice lolly and give it to him yourself.

Warning signs of heatstroke in cats: be vigilant!

Breathing with mouth open and difficulty, panting, very hot ears and paw pads, excessive saliva, shivering, wobbling, gums darker than normal… these are just some of the warning signs of heatstroke in cats. At the very first sign, it's essential to remain calm and act immediately to prevent heatstroke from being fatal. Find a cool, shady spot for your cat to gradually recover, and give him fresh water. In addition, consider actively cooling him using a damp towel or wrapping him in a towel. If your cat's condition doesn't improve, or if he shows signs of shock, don't hesitate to take him to the vet immediately.

Take care of your cat this summer! Follow our tips to keep him cool and healthy.

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