5 Shocking Signs You’re Secretly Turning Into a Mosquito Magnet – The Ultimate Guide!

As the season approaches, so does the influx of . This year, the concern is even greater with the recent discovery of locally acquired malaria cases in the . However, there are steps you can take to avoid becoming a . From your clothing choices to your , here are five things that may be attracting mosquitoes to you.

Beware of Your Clothing Choices

Did you know that the colors you wear can affect your attractiveness to mosquitoes? According to conservation scientist Charles van Rees, mosquitoes are more attracted to darker colors and those on the red side of the spectrum. Opting for lighter shades and cooler colors like green, blue, and purple can make you less of a target for mosquito bites. So, avoid wearing black clothes or highly saturated red and orange colors if you want to keep the mosquitoes away.

Watch Your Drink Preferences

While enjoying outdoor parties and barbecues, you might be tempted to indulge in alcoholic beverages. However, pest expert Roger May warns that fermented beverages cause capillaries to expand, resulting in more blood flow to the 's surface and increased body heat. Mosquitoes are attracted to sweat, carbon dioxide, and lactic acid, which are produced as a result. To avoid becoming a mosquito magnet, try substituting an IPA for a non-alcoholic, sugar-free beverage when spending time outdoors this summer.

Pay Attention to Your Hygiene Routine

Believe it or not, your personal care products could be attracting mosquitoes. Fragrances from soaps, shampoos, lotions, and hair products often contain or fruity scents that mosquitoes find appealing. Mosquito expert A.H. David suggests opting for fragrance-free products when planning to spend time outdoors. Additionally, using bug spray or topical insect repellent can help mask these scents and keep mosquitoes at bay.

Be Mindful of Heat and Exercise

Mosquitoes have the ability to detect heat signatures from a distance, making heat a major factor in mosquito feeding. Associate certified entomologist Shannon Harlow-Ellis advises against intense outdoor workouts, as they create signals that attract mosquitoes, including body heat, sweat, and increased carbon dioxide from heavy breathing. If you must exercise outdoors, it is best to do so during times when the sun is not as strong and mosquitoes are less active, such as dawn or dusk.

Avoid Water-Related Activities

As semiaquatic insects, mosquitoes lay their in bodies of water. Even a small amount of standing water can attract mosquitoes. Entomologist Emma Grace Crumbley warns that if your garden has puddles, overwatered , or if you frequently engage in activities near ponds or lakes, you are more likely to encounter mosquitoes. Keep an eye out for potential breeding grounds, such as bird baths or pet bowls near your outdoor sitting areas, as they can also attract mosquitoes.

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