5 sure signs that he really loves you or is using you

All go through better or worse times, being in the case of the latter where it's common to have doubts, to the point of wondering whether the other person really loves you or is using you. However, there are ways in the form of signs that can lead you to know their true intentions.

However, before explaining how to find out whether they you or are just using you, you should know that it's normal for there to be bad moments in a relationship, and that on some occasions these are not caused by the partner themselves, but also by work, stress or third parties. However, if you think there's something more behind this bad moment or if you doubt his love for you, we encourage you to keep the following signs in mind.

Doesn't support you enough

To find out whether your partner really loves you or is instead using you for a certain purpose, there are various signs or indications that can help you clarify your thoughts. One aspect you need to pay attention to is the support he gives you.

In a healthy relationship, both members must always feel supported by the other , have their trust and help to be able to face the different problems or challenges they face, they arise in life and in everyday life. If you realize that whenever you need him, he's never there and only seeks you out when he's the one who needs support and help, this will be a indication that he doesn't love you enough.

However, you need to take into account whether this is a one-off attitude or whether it's motivated by something you've done that has provoked his anger or annoyance, or whether it's a change in his character. In any case, continue with the rest of the signals to see if you're right or wrong.

You're no longer a priority

In our lives, we go through different times, and the same thing happens in relationships. Depending on circumstances and our needs, priorities change and there will be times when work or school will be our top priority. That's understandable, but the fact that there are always things more important than you won't be.

If you're never his priority and he always prefers to meet his friends to do it with you, if he never includes you in his plans or suggests you do things together, and even if he prefers to play video games, watch TV or other activities, there's something that needs to change. If it's his attitude towards you, it's very likely that he doesn't feel the same way about you as you do about him, and that he's content to use you.


If there's one thing that can't be lacking in a relationship, it's respect, both in terms of the fidelity of the relationship and in the very way you behave towards each other. In any kind of relationship, it's necessary, also in or at work, and if you find that the other person doesn't respect you, it will be one of the biggest signs that this person doesn't love you, or at least not enough.

If someone doesn't respect you, it means they don't love you or appreciate your feelings, so the best thing you can do in this case is, painful as it may be, to get away from that person. Disrespect should never be tolerated, especially if it's accompanied by any form of physical or psychological violence. So, in the face of disrespect and the other signs mentioned above, take action and get out of this toxic relationship so you can find happiness elsewhere.

just look for your own advantage

In a loving relationship, it's essential to give and receive, which means it's normal that sometimes effort or sacrifice is required, such as doing things we don't like or don't directly enjoy in order to satisfy and please the other happy person. This is a clear sign that you have feelings for the other person.

However, if you find that he's only looking out for his own interests and isn't prepared to do anything for you, this is a clear sign that he doesn't love you enough. If, in addition to doing nothing for you, he asks you for favors or to do things for him, it's a clear sign that he's only using you to feel good about himself, without caring enough about the relationship fructification port.

Your relationship is limited to sexual encounters

Finally, one of the most obvious signs that he's only using you and doesn't really love you is when the relationship is based on sexual encounters, with no more moments between the two of them or that these are unimportant. If you find that there's really no emotional or affective intimacy and that your encounters are based on sex, it's clear that the other person doesn't love you.

This way, if several of these signs occur in your relationship, you'll have the information you need to know whether or not your partner loves you.

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