7 amazing reasons why you’ll fall for it, should you really buy it?

Ready to buy the new Xiaomi Band 8? This connected bracelet is the latest version of the most popular activity tracker on the market, and it's available for purchase. We've gone over all the features and updates to help you decide if the Xiaomi Band 8 is worth buying. Here are the 7 reasons to get it.

The biggest and brightest screen

The Xiaomi Band 8 has an enlarged and optimized screen. With a size of 1.62 inches, the space is better used, and the narrower edges make all the content displayed larger. The screen brightness has also been improved, with a maximum outdoor brightness of 600 nits. This ensures that the user can view content wherever and whenever they want.

A new design

The new of this Xiaomi Band 8 is one of its best features. The company has finally changed its classic line of “pills” for a full body with bracelets integrated into the frame. The previous wristbands could seem somewhat monotonous, but with this new design, it is possible to swap the wristbands easily.

Long battery life

Even with its large screen, the Xiaomi Band 8 offers an average battery life of over 15 days. Xiaomi talks about an average battery life of 16 days. This allows the user to continue using the connected bracelet for several weeks without worrying about recharging.

Fast charging

Fast charging is another advantage of the new bracelet. It takes only one hour to fully charge the battery and get 16 days of battery life. It is possible to charge the bracelet from 0 to 100 in less than 60 minutes.

Bean mode

Bean mode is one of Xiaomi's best features. It provides information about sports training, such as stride type, stride-to-air ratio or impact force. This is something that is hard to find in such cheap connected bracelets.

150 sports modes

Xiaomi keeps adding new sports and sports modes to its interface. This Band 8 now offers the possibility to choose between 150 different sports. Whatever sport you play, you'll be able to add it to your list and track your stats.

Music control

The Xiaomi Band 8 lets you control your music using your wrist. You can access all the basic functions, like changing songs or pausing music, directly from your wrist.

Is the Xiaomi Band 8 worth buying?

If you have a Xiaomi Band 7, for example, owning the new Xiaomi Band 8 will not be a major step forward. While the features are interesting, the design is the main reason to buy the Xiaomi Band 8. If you're looking for a device with a bigger, brighter display, and you want to swap out the bands easily, it's well worth the extra 50 euros. However, if you already own a recently purchased connected bracelet, we recommend waiting, as you won't get any great new features.

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