7 storage tips to optimize your home and save space

It doesn't matter how big your home actually is: over time, any space can start to look smaller and smaller as you accumulate more stuff.

But if you find yourself in a place where you feel more cluttered than comfortable, it may be because you don't know how to organize everything properly. Talking to the experts, we've rounded up some of the best to help you make your space feel even bigger. Read on to discover seven home storage ideas you should try.

1. Use vertical solutions

One of the easiest ways to create more storage in your home is to look for “vertical solutions”, according to Artem Kropovinsky, interior designer and founder of Arsight. “Horizontal monotony can make a space feel limited,” he warns. To make your home seem larger, Kropovinsky recommends placing storage elements higher than you might be used to. “Enlarging shelves or bookcases so that they almost touch the ceiling can draw the eye upwards,” he explains. “This not only maximizes storage, but also emphasizes the height of the room.”

2. Take advantage of the space behind the doors

Don't underestimate the potential of a good door if you're trying to open things up. Mark Buskuhl, founder and CEO of Dallas-based home improvement company Ninebird Properties says doors are “the perfect place for storage”, especially when you don't have a lot of extra space to work with. “Hang shoe organizers and towel racks behind bathroom and bedroom doors, [and] install hooks for coats, hats and other ,” Buskuhl advises. “It's a simple way to maximize space without taking up too many square feet.”

3. Opt for raised elements

If you want to give “the illusion of more floor space”, choose raised storage elements, says Kropovinsky. This can include elements like wall-mounted desks or floating vanities. “By revealing more of the floor, our naturally perceive the space as larger,” he tells Best Life. “This opens up a homeowner's space visually and physically, making rooms more airy and less enclosed.”

4. Use mirrored cabinets

Another way to add more storage to your home without taking up floor space is to use mirrored cabinets. As Kropovinsky notes, mirrors themselves “naturally make a space feel larger”. But when you combine them with a cabinet, you make them even more practical. “Beyond the visual expansion mirrors offer, mirrored wardrobes conceal personal belongings, ensuring a clean, tidy space,” he says. “So they offer storage without compromising the feeling of space.”

5. Opt for furniture with built-in storage

Similar to ice cabinets, there are other pieces you can put in your place that also serve as storage opportunities. “Think beds with drawers, footstools that open onto storage or coffee tables with compartments,” explains Kropovinsky. “These pieces are not only functional, but also eliminate the need for additional storage units.” You can easily “streamline the look of a room” by finding furniture with built-in storage, according to Kropovinsky. “That's because they minimize the number of visible elements and therefore reduce visual clutter,” he notes.

6. Opt for folding furniture

If you can't find furniture with built-in storage that appeals to you or fits your budget, there's another solution you can try instead: folding furniture. This type of piece can be a “game-changer in small spaces”, according to Mariusz Baran, owner of UK home clearance company Nous effaçons tout. He says he and his team often recommend folding or retractable furniture as a solution for customers who live in compact spaces or need a multi-purpose room. “Tables that can be folded down when not in use or beds that can be stored away can free up valuable floor space,” Baran explains. “This flexibility allows homeowners to adapt their space to different needs and activities, making the home larger and more versatile.”

7. Optimize existing closets and cabinets

You don't have to give up all the storage you already have in your home for new rooms. Danielle Dorn, creative director at company mDesign tells Best Life that she suggests homeowners “get creative” with the existing closets and cabinets in their space. “Install shelving systems in your closets and utensil organizers in your cabinets to utilize all the space in those areas,” Dorn explains. “This maximizes the number of items that can be stored inside, instead of left on counters or shelves.”

By putting these home storage tips into practice, you can maximize your living space and make your home feel bigger than it really is. So don't wait any longer and start organizing your space now!

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