8 daily tips to boost your self-esteem!

There's no one-size-fits-all strategy when it comes to : some people are simply born confident, while others have to work to feel secure in their own .

But whichever camp you fall into, daily affirmations are an invaluable resource for boosting your self-confidence and even skyrocketing it.

Abbey Sangmeister, LPC, Accredited Clinical Supervisor (ACS), entrepreneur, psychotherapist and burnout coach, recommends doing your affirmations early in the morning and/or just before bed, as neuroplasticity studies show this is the most ideal time. “When we adopt a consistent affirming practice, we give the psyche a steady influx of kindness, compassion and ,” explains clinical psychologist Carla Marie Manly, PhD, author of The Joy of Fear.

Understanding why you should try affirmations is probably , but you may not know what you really need to say. In that case, the experts offer a few statements you can jot down for future use. Read on to discover eight affirmations that will help you feel more confident.

“I deserve to take up space”

When it comes to building confidence, you need to simultaneously develop a sense of self-esteem. That's where an affirmation like this one can help you recognize your place in this world. “When we lack confidence, it's easy to shrink, prevent ourselves from being seen and apologize for existing,” explains Kelsey Lettko, certified life coach. “But you deserve to take up space with your thoughts, ideas, needs, opinions, emotions and body!”

“My validation comes from within”

According to Gina Newton, certified personal trainer and holistic body coach, this statement contributes to internal validation, as opposed to the external validation you'd get from others. “Trusting yourself to perform at your best is a crucial aspect of confidence. Affirmation strengthens this self-confidence, allowing you to believe in your abilities and decisions.”

“I know when something is right for me”

Another essential element of confidence is being sure you've made the right decisions for yourself. No one likes that nagging feeling of self-doubt, which is why this statement is useful. “By acknowledging that you know what's right for you deep down, you cultivate a relationship with yourself that you can trust,” explains Lizzie Rose Reiss, oncology reiki practitioner and energy healing teacher.

“I don't apologize for who I am and what matters to me.”

If you apologize too often, this affirmation reminds you of your strength and helps you drown out outside noise. “Affirmations like this remind you how powerful and unstoppable you are!”

“I have something valuable to contribute to this world”

No matter what your mind tries to tell you, remember that you are worthy. “By affirming this, you begin to loosen the subconscious blocks to being deserving, good enough and worthy,” explains Julie Costa, certified life coach and clinical hypnotherapist. This affirmation highlights your unique contributions, which only you can bring to the world.

“My voice matters”

When you lack confidence, it can be hard to speak up. By affirming that your voice matters, you remind yourself that your opinion deserves to be heard.

“I'm exploring my untapped potential”

You can challenge and negative beliefs with this affirmation, as it encourages you to connect to untapped potential and self-discovery.

By practicing these affirmations regularly, you'll boost your self-confidence and feel more sure of yourself. Remember that self-confidence is a journey, so be patient with yourself and keep supporting yourself.

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