A flight attendant’s surprising secret for not forgetting anything at the hotel

The surprising secret of a stewardess to not forget anything at the : place one of your shoes in the safe! Discover this trick which surprised the Internet users, who did not understand the reason of this gesture at first sight.

Flight attendants, experts in travel tips

There's no one better than flight attendants to reveal the secrets of their work, which always arouses a lot of interest, and to let us discover what's hidden behind the curtain of the cockpit. Flight attendants spend many hours traveling the world because of their profession, making hotels their second home. On the internet, they often share , recommendations and their best tips for air .Tips for air travel.

The tip that surprised the Internet users

A flight attendant, who dedicates her account to sharing her work routine and giving advice to passengers, revealed a tip that surprised users. She gave some tips that she has learned over the years while staying in hotels. In a video that has been viewed over a million times, she can be seen putting a shoe in the room safe. A gesture that left Internet users perplexed, until she explained why.

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The best thing for the giddy

With this tip, you're not likely to forget your stuff at the hotel anymore. The hostess explained that she always puts on one shoe that she is sure to wear during her stay. In this case, it is her work shoe. She does this so that when she gets ready and puts on her shoes, she remembers that the other shoe is in the safe. This way, she never forgets other valuable , such as her passport.

A useful tip for all travelers

This tip is for all travelers, especially the most dizzy ones. If you want to make sure you don't forget your wallet containing money, credit cards and your ID card at the hotel, apply this tip with the shoes you plan to wear to match the rest of your clothes. Another user suggested that to make sure you leave the hotel with everything you brought, it's a good idea to place your items near the door, so you can trip over them on your way out.

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