A foolproof home remedy to remove stains from your sofa and make it as good as new!

It all started with a video a user posted on , and within a few days it ended up becoming a trend.

The publication went viral showing a method that promised excellent results for the sofa, but the most surprising of them all concerned the ingredient used to achieve them: with a bar of dishwasher soap.

Discover the foolproof trick to clean your sofa in no time!

This viral method only requires one of these little capsules to clean localized areas of armchairs, but many users also use it on carpets and other fabrics common in living rooms and bedrooms.

@organizednews shows a quick and easy way to dust your sofa and make it look like it's just come from the store. To do this, you need just three ingredients in addition to the pill: a tea towel, hot water and a casserole or saucepan lid.

The first thing those who implement the trick do is cover the lid of the pot with the cloth – if it's microfiber, it's better, because that way the dirt adheres better. The best way to do this is to place the lid on the cloth as if it were to be placed on a saucepan, then use the corners of the cloth to tie a knot on the lid handle. It looks like it's been -wrapped.

Next, boil some hot water, place it in a container and add the pill. Quantities will vary according to the size of the surface to be cleaned, but ideally between 200 and 350 millilitres.

There are also other products that can be combined with lukewarm water to perform this method. Salt and lemon are particularly useful for removing grease and rust stains, thanks to their disinfectant properties and high vitamin C content. After leaving them to work for around 15 minutes, simply scrub and rinse with water to leave the sofa dry and shiny.

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Discover other ways to clean your sofa at home!

Although it has gone viral on the networks, not all users are willing to try it. After its publication, the TikTok video was split in the comments between those who claim to have tried it successfully at home and those who advise against its use, as the pill's components could be harmful to certain fabrics.

For those who have nevertheless already dared to try it, it's very important that the sofa surface is not wet but partially damp.

In all cases, we recommend that you read the sofa manufacturer's instructions and recommendations before using this product, a precaution we would also take when applying it.

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