A former TikTok employee takes revenge by showing something unpublished from the company: “Come with me to steal”.

You can't imagine what 's offices look like on the inside. This ex-employee shows how the inside of the facilities look like something out of a futuristic world.

In this day and age, it is no longer common to have a within a company. The most common thing is that we change jobs several times in the course of our lives, either of our own free will or because they decide to do without us.

But it's not every day that you get fired from TikTok (or its parent company, ByteDance), one of the world's most valuable technology companies. That's what happened to Simona Ruzer, who worked at TikTok as a recruiter, but was one of those affected by the massive tech layoffs. Far from taking it badly, she took advantage of her last day to record a video, which has accumulated more than two million views, and show what the inside of TikTok's New York facilities looks like.

@simonacruzer It's the least I deserve ok!!!!! #techlayoff #techlayoffs2023 #imokay #haha #thisisajoke ♬ original sound – Simona

The video begins with Simona logging into the company's facilities for the last time, swiping her ID card through the entrance turnstile. “Come with me to steal TikTok's assets,” she commented as soon as she entered. The following scenes are worthy of a futuristic movie (or a nightclub). Simona shows corridors illuminated with colored neon lights, one yellow, one green, one red and one purple. We can also appreciate different styles of decoration, each one more bizarre.

Colorful corridors and spotless bathrooms

She also shows us the bathrooms while dancing in front of a large mirror to the rhythm of Beyoncé's ‘Irreplaceable‘, which plays on the piped music in the toilets. Ironically, the young woman comments to her followers that “never get to think that you are irreplaceable in the corporate world.

Next, Simona shows the view from the offices, with a stunning scene of New York City and the Empire State Building in the background. Next stop is the auditorium, which features hundreds of colored lights on the ceiling. Here comes the best part, when the young former employee shows us the “company assets“. She's actually showing us the refreshment and snack area, where employees can eat whatever they want.

This is super-private information, so please don't share it with anyone,” she joked as she stuffed several bags of snacks inside her purse, which she would eventually give away to a person on the subway. Finally, all she had to do was return her laptop and ID to TikTok's IT department, but not before keeping the lanyard that held the ID because “she deserves it” for working at the company for two and a half years. Simona says she is very “excited for the next “.

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