A Great Dane gives birth to 21 puppies in 27 hours

Although three of them died during delivery, the other 18 puppies are perfectly healthy and feeding normally.

Her name is Namine, a two-year-old Great Dane who lives in Pocahontas, a small town in the U.S. state of Virginia. This made headlines around the world for the feat she accomplished: she gave birth to 21 puppies, one after the other, in a delivery that lasted no less than 27 hours.

This is not a world record, as a Neapolitan Mastiff was able to give birth to 24 puppies a few years ago. However, Namine has earned the right to be considered a super mom, having spent more than a full day in labor to give birth to the 21 puppies she was carrying.

Tanya Dubbs, Namine's owner, told USA Today that she did not expect such a number: “I thought she would have about 12, maybe even 16, but never that she would reach 21” . The feat of this beautiful Great Dane has made news around the world, as it is not at all common to give birth to such a large number of puppies.

Three deaths in childbirth

The party could not be complete because three of the puppies died in childbirth, so Namine will have “only” 18 puppies to take care of. All the puppies weighed more than half a kilo at birth and are very healthy, trying to suckle, although with the number of puppies, it is not easy for all of them.

Three of the puppies died at birth, but the other 18 are doing well.

Tanya explained that she plans to sell the litter of puppies in two months, once they are weaned from their mothers. She said she will donate the proceeds from the first sale to the Tazewell County Animal Shelter. This is her way of thanking this group of volunteers for the care of the animals.

Namine almost died last year after being hit by a truck, but she made a miraculous recovery. Today she was able to give birth to 21 puppies, proving that she is a true hero with pasta. balanced and fulfilling life.