A psychiatrist’s two secrets for getting a good night’s sleep and saying goodbye to insomnia

Do you have trouble sleeping? Don't panic, a renowned psychiatrist reveals two infallible to improve your and find peaceful nights. Follow the guide and say goodbye to restless nights!

Why is insomnia a scourge for our health?

The problem of in some figures: According to the Spanish Society of Neurology, more than four million Spaniards suffer from insomnia. This sleep disorder makes us more tired and less efficient during the day. Unfortunately, instead of looking for the root cause of our insomnia, we tend to turn to sleeping pills and melatonin supplements to find quick relief.

The psychiatrist who revealed the tips for restful sleep

Who is Aric A. Prather: Aric A. Prather, a psychiatrist and doctor from the University of , San Francisco, published an article for the CNBC in which he reveals his for getting a good night's sleep. This expert has helped many patients improve their without medication. Prather points out that one of the main obstacles to sleep is overthinking, especially negative thoughts.

How negative thoughts can ruin our sleep

The dangers of negative thoughts at night: Prather says that negative thoughts are even more harmful at night. When we go to bed, everything is quiet and we find a moment of peace. But instead of taking advantage of this time to rest, we begin to replay all our problems, leading to a spiral of negativity and doom and gloom. Moreover, our brain works against us: once it starts thinking, it seeks to consolidate these thoughts and it becomes difficult to stop.

The foolproof technique to keep negative thoughts away

Step One: “Emotional Focus” Time: The solution proposed by Aric A. Prather consists of two steps. The first is to set aside 15 minutes a day, preferably in the afternoon, for a moment of “emotional concern”. During this time, calmly reflect on all the problems and difficulties that have accumulated during the day, as well as anything that is causing you anxiety and worry.

Step Two: The Problem and Solution List: The second step is to make a list of all of these concerns and problems, and then write down the solution you came up with next to it. You can come up with several solutions to the same problem or, instead of a final solution, write down the first steps to solving that situation. You don't have to solve all the conflicts in the world in one afternoon.

The benefits of this method: If you want, you can look at this list the next day. Some people simply feel better by writing down everything that is bothering them. This quick and easy method is worth a try. Prather says that if practiced regularly, it can become a very effective daily routine to combat insomnia.

In conclusion: adopt these tips for restful sleep

Take control of your sleep: With Aric A. Prather's valuable advice, you can finally say goodbye to insomnia and get back to peaceful nights. By following these two simple steps, you can keep negative thoughts at bay and give yourself a restful sleep, without resorting to medication. So, don't hesitate any longer and adopt these tips now for a quality sleep!

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