According to Sam Altman, the only ones who will continue to have jobs despite artificial intelligence will be teachers

(AI) has experienced significant advancements in recent months, and language models like have gained great popularity. However, this technological development has raised concerns about the potential job loss it could cause.

, CEO of and a key figure behind the aforementioned chatbot, has warned that certain jobs will disappear due to AI, but there is one that seems to be safe: that of teachers.

Altman points out that generative artificial intelligence, like ChatGPT, has the potential to transform industries and enhance employee productivity. However, he also warns that some jobs will be affected by this technological advancement. Although he does not specify which ones, he emphasizes that AI will change the job landscape in the near future.

Despite this warning, Altman is optimistic about the positive impact of AI on workers in general. He believes that, although some jobs will disappear, new and better employment opportunities more suited to the age of artificial intelligence will arise.

Great news for teachers

Although he does not mention the specific professions that will be affected, he states that the education industry will be less affected by AI and teachers will continue to be valuable in the teaching and learning process.

The CEO of OpenAI believes that human interactions will prefer to be dealt with by other human beings, and although ChatGPT can enhance personalized education, teachers will continue to be essential in providing a complete and appropriate education.

Interestingly, just days ago, claimed that artificial intelligence chatbots will teach to read and write in 18 months, casting doubt on the future of teachers. However, Altman brings reassurance to this segment.

Despite concerns about the replacement of workers by AI, previous studies have indicated that certain professions, such as translators and interpreters, may be more at risk, while others, like athletes, bus mechanics, and cooks, are less likely to be affected.

Ultimately, although AI will have an impact on the job market, its advancement also opens up opportunities for a more efficient world adapted to new technologies. AI will continue to evolve and transform various sectors, and while some jobs will disappear, new opportunities are likely to arise.

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