Activate Super Mario Bros mode on WhatsApp in 4 easy steps!

Find out how to transform your experience on with Super Mario Bros mode in just a few steps. Take advantage of this must-have trend and customize your favorite messaging app.

Super Mario Bros madness invades WhatsApp

Super Mario Bros is experiencing unprecedented popularity in this second quarter of 2023, thanks in part to the release of the movie, which is a hit at the box office. 's famous franchise is more present than ever, and elements of the movie have even crept into various applications, including WhatsApp.

WhatsApp, the messaging service from , now offers various options to customize your app with elements related to the Super Mario Bros. universe. Follow these based on a report from Nintenderos to give your mailbox a touch of Nintendo fun.

Step 1: Change the WhatsApp icon to a Mario character

To get started, why not change the WhatsApp icon to an image of Mario Bros or another video game character? First find a PNG image of the character you want to use as an icon.

Then download the application Nova Launcher and configure it as you like. Press the WhatsApp icon, then Edit and finally Applications to access your gallery where you have saved the PNG image.

Step 2: Customize your conversation wallpaper

But that's not all! You can also customize the wallpaper of your conversations with images from the Super Mario Bros. universe. Go to WhatsApp settings, then to Wallpapers to select the image you like.

Whether you prefer a scene from the movie or a setting from the video game, there are plenty of options to give your WhatsApp conversations a new look.

Step 3: Add Super Mario Bros stickers

To enrich your conversations, add stickers featuring Mario and his friends. You can easily find them in the sticker packs available in the Play Store or App Store.

Once you've downloaded the pack, just add it to your stickers on WhatsApp so you can use them anytime and bring a touch of humor to your chats.

Step 4: Use an image from the movie as your profile picture

Finally, to complete this transformation in Super Mario Bros colors, choose an image from the movie as your profile picture. Whether you choose Mario himself, Luigi, Princess Peach or even Bowser, show your passion for this universe by adopting a unique and fun look on WhatsApp.

By following these four simple steps, you can easily transform your WhatsApp experience with Super Mario Bros. Immerse yourself in the world of the famous plumber and customize your messaging application to make it even more . So don't wait any longer, put yourself in the shoes of your favorite hero and surprise your friends with a new version of WhatsApp!

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