Actress dismissed from a major movie for her lack of popularity on Instagram!

The film industry has become so obsessed with the number of followers that it uses social networks to select for their films. This was stated by in an interview for the Happy Sad Confused podcast. She revealed that she lost out on a role in a major film franchise solely because of her relatively low number of Instagram followers during her first .

Although the actress herself does not give further details about the film in question, this statement highlights the phenomenon of using social networks in casting actors. It also raises questions about how the cult of Instagram followers has become an integral part of how movie studios view actors as “brands” rather than simply as performers.

Elle Fanning, a promising talent in the film industry

Elle Fanning is one of the most talented and promising actresses in the film industry. Since her debut at the age of two in the film I Am Sam alongside her older sister Dakota Fanning, Elle has come a long way. With a diverse filmography that includes dystopian sci-fi films like The Neon Demon and emotional dramas like Somewhere, Elle has captured the hearts of moviegoers with her raw talent and charisma.

With the release of the TV series The Great on Hulu, Elle Fanning is proving her talent in a new field. Her performance as Russian Empress Catherine the Great was critically acclaimed, and the series was a huge critical success. With an ever-evolving and an exceptional ability to immerse herself in every character she plays, there is no denying that we are witnessing the emergence of a great actress.

While it was disappointing for Elle Fanning to lose a role due to her lack of Instagram followers, she remains committed to pursuing her career as a talented actress resistant to social pressure.

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