Amouranth Reveals the Staggering Amount of Money She Earns by Sleeping Live

has ventured into the content creation industry with all sorts of content. However, it seems she makes more money when doing nothing more than sleeping live, as she recently revealed.

Amouranth is one of the most-watched female streamers on , and she also has a very strong presence on the platform. But how much does she really earn? A figure has been confirmed by her in a recent interview, leaving all her followers astonished.

During an interview with Graham Stephan on the podcast The Iced Coffee Hour, Amouranth confirmed her live earnings when asked by the host. Here, she states that if we only count Twitch, the figure would be around a couple of thousand dollars for each one. However, the number dramatically increases when it comes to more atypical broadcasts. In this case, she can pocket between 10,000 and 15,000 dollars for content where she simply appears to be sleeping for 9 or 10 hours.

Amouranth's income has never been a big mystery. The streamer herself has often spoken about it to her audience or . However, it's astonishing how much money she can make in live streams where she does nothing more than . And yes, even though she is the queen of the hot tub, she also has other content that brings in substantial sums.

The Reason for Amouranth's Earnings in Her Sleep Streams, and We All Know It

In the interview with Graham Stephan, the streamer talked a bit about what sleep streams are. Here, she ensures that these are live broadcasts where the person simply sleeps. In the case of men, Amouranth says that viewers often stay to try to wake them up with donations since these often trigger alerts or loud music.

But, of course, her case is entirely different. Amouranth admits that her situation arouses more voyeuristic interest in her followers. However, the creator tries to space out this type of content, and the reason is that it's not so simple to keep up with this trend.

According to Amouranth, if she did this type of broadcasting regularly, it would no longer be a novelty to her followers. Plus, this kind of content has been on the Twitch market for a while now, which has diminished people's interest.

Amouranth is not just a content creator, but she has also become quite an entrepreneur. While her departure from Ibai Llanos' Event of the Year 3 has left a bitter taste, she continues to surprise us every day with her various ways of making money. One of the latest was selling her voice to an company to become a companion chatbot.

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