An asteroid is about to graze the Earth: a celestial spectacle not to be missed

A rare and spectacular space event is about to happen on Saturday night: an asteroid named 2023 DZ2, nicknamed “City Killer” because of its size, will graze the Earth at a distance of 168,300 km, less than half the distance between the Earth and the Moon, creating a beautiful spectacle in the sky. The European Space Agency estimates its diameter to be between 40 and 100 meters. Here is what you need to know about this celestial encounter.

A “city-destroying” asteroid grazing the Earth

Discovered on February 27, 2023, this asteroid could cause an impact strong enough to destroy an entire city because of its size. That's why the European Space Agency is calling it the “City Killer”. However, ESA confirmed that the asteroid poses no danger to Earth, as it will pass within 168,300 km of our planet. It moves at a speed of 37 km / s.

A celestial spectacle not to be missed

This rare event is a boon for scientists who will have the opportunity to observe the asteroid closely. Professional astronomers will be able to study the space object more closely, while amateurs will be able to observe it with simple binoculars. This observation is a way for International Asteroid Warning Network astronomers to learn more about Asteroid 2023 DZ2 in case of a future threat. Although close approaches are common, an approach by an asteroid of this size occurs only about once a decade, providing a unique opportunity for science.

An interest for NASA

The observation of asteroid 2023 DZ2 on Saturday night is a continuation of last November's Dart mission, the first full-scale to deflect an asteroid. NASA sent a probe to the asteroid Dimorphos, located 11 million kilometers from Earth. This mission allowed to collect useful data in case of a future threat from the universe. Thus, NASA is also interested in asteroid 2023 DZ2 and its observation will provide valuable information to better understand this space object.

In sum, asteroid 2023 DZ2 is a rare celestial object that promises a beautiful show in the sky on Saturday night, and an opportunity for scientists to study this asteroid to better understand the universe. However, the celestial encounter poses no danger to Earth.

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