An infallible viral remedy to eliminate flies in the home for good

There's no space or opening a fly can't find to sneak into the house.

This phenomenon occurs more frequently when the season arrives and doors or windows are opened at the coolest hours to take advantage of the breeze that relieves the hottest days. The buzzing and presence of these harmless insects is, however, extremely annoying. They are also unhygienic, as they carry many viruses and bacteria in their legs.

They are attracted to homes by the smell of certain tasty foods. But above all, they are attracted to dirt. They're attracted to decaying organic debris, or the smell of vinegar, stale , even the smell of feces. And it's with these foods that flies can reproduce and feed their young, so that they grow from the moment they lay their .

Avoid fly invasion

There are many available on the Internet to keep flies away. The rules we should all know to avoid the presence of this annoying insect are, precisely, to keep our in good condition and, if something does go wrong, to get rid of it as quickly as possible. Leaving the bottom of a beer or wine bottle unrinsed can cause the remaining liquid to ferment and produce vinegar, which will attract flies.

A viral trick to keep flies away

There is, however, a trick to keep flies out of our homes. It's gone viral in recent days after being posted by tiktokeuse Alexandra Solera. On her account, she shared a video in which she explains how to prepare homemade fly repellent, an option for chasing them out of our homes without having to kill them. And the best part is, it works: with her trick, you can keep them out of your house.

In the video, he starts by taking a plastic bag. It may be a bag used to store sandwiches or frozen food. He then fills it halfway with water and puts in a few coins. It could be two or five cents. Then he ties a string to the top of the bag, so that he can close it and hang it from a door or window in the house, where the sun shines.

You may be wondering: how can this scare off a fly? As Soler explains in his video, when the sun's rays penetrate the bag, they produce flashes of light that are very unpleasant for flies. In fact, these insects have very good vision and are more sensitive to this type of situation. They will try to avoid it at all costs.

How to get rid of them when they've already got in?

However, if you're too late to stop them getting in, there are ways to chase them out of the house if you want to avoid insecticides or waving your arms until they're redirected to an open window or door. For example, you can trap them with vinegar – how? Simply prepare a bowl and fill it three-quarters full with the liquid. You can then cover the bowl with plastic film, through which several holes will be drilled.

The flies will be immediately attracted by the smell, but they won't be able to get out because the transparent surface won't allow them to identify the hole. Once they're out of the house, they can be released. But there are also like this: cut a bottle in half, put sugar water in the bottom and place the cut part on the bottom, but upside down. This will create a funnel through which the flies will be attracted by the smell of the water as it begins to ferment.

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