Antonio Banderas could play Galactus in the next Marvel

Antonio Banderas could become Galactus in the next MCU, the Fantastic 4. Since the rumors started circulating, fans have been abuzz. The Spanish actor is in talks with the Cinematic Universe to potentially join the cast of the film as a villain. If the news comes to fruition, it would be huge. It would not only mean that we know the heroes' adversary, but it could also give the MCU a new boost.

Marvel Cinematic Universe in trouble?

The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is currently experiencing its ups and downs. Some of its recent productions have not been well received by fans and critics. More and more people around the world are starting to distance themselves from these types of and series. In this context, fans have welcomed the news with excitement.

Antonio Banderas plays Galactus

According to the specialized user MyTimeToShineHello, Antonio Banderas is in talks to play the role of Galactus in the Fantastic 4. However, this news has not yet been confirmed by either the actor or those in charge of the film. But considering the importance of the project, there are reasons to believe that this is not a false lead.

Previous Fantastic 4 adaptations a failure

Fox has made Fantastic 4 adaptations before, but they were disappointing for many reasons. At the time, the narrative universes were not as established in the industry as they are today, and the technologies available did not allow for the current options. However, the films also failed because of flaws in the script and narrative framework. This is no longer the case in the MCU, which has developed a complex discursive context that fuels most of its productions. If Antonio Banderas were to play Galactus, it could be a game-changer and breathe new life into the franchise.

Galactus: one of Marvel's most iconic villains

Galactus was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby and is one of the most emblematic characters of Marvel. Nicknamed the “devourer of worlds”, he will be the new opponent of the heroes in the Fantastic Four if he is played by Banderas. In the Marvel universe, Galactus exists since before the Big Bang. In any case, MCU fans are eagerly awaiting more information about Antonio Banderas' potential participation in one of the most anticipated productions of phases 5 and 6 of the franchise.

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