Astrologers reveal the loosest zodiac sign

The loosest signs, from the worrying perfectionist to the scariest

Some people thrive in unsettling situations. They're the type to face their own fears head-on and tackle difficult things for their loved ones. Yet at the end of the day, we're certainly not all that brave. Some of us are more likely to run at the first sign of danger. But this may be due to our astrological chart, as some signs naturally gravitate more towards comfort, sensitivity and caution. Read on to find out which are the most cowardly, from the worrisome perfectionist to the scariest cat.

Virgos: fear in their blood

Known for having a strong desire for perfection, Virgos create a lot of worry for themselves because of their unattainable goals. “When you spend your whole life worrying, you learn to live with fear,” explains astrologer, clairvoyant and spiritual coach Tara Bennet. According to Bennet, cowardice usually becomes the “driving force” in a Virgo's life, as “the fear in their blood pushes them to raise the bar higher and higher”.

Bulls: creatures of habit

For a Taurus, their disposition toward stability and comfort is what leads to their cowardice. “Taureans are creatures of habit,” says astrologer Raquel Rodriguez. “They thrive in familiar surroundings and are reluctant to embrace new and unfamiliar circumstances.” That means it takes a lot to push this sign to find the courage to step out of its comfort zone, adds astrologer Stina Garbis. “Taurus isn't the type of sign that's going to step out on a ledge or dare to try something new,” Garbis explains. “They like to stay at home and think about it instead.”

Pisces: avoid confrontation

Pisceans are known for their gentleness and sensitivity. As a result, “they often find harsh realities and conflicts unsettling,” Rodriguez explains. “So to protect their delicate emotional , they prefer to avoid confrontation.” Bennet says this zodiac sign is more likely to go with the flow rather than take the risk and think outside the box, whatever the benefits. “These are sensitive souls who don't have the courage to take ,” notes Bennett.

Librans: the quest for peace and balance

Known as the zodiac sign of peacekeepers, Librans “crave balance and harmony”. But that doesn't mean they actually prefer having to keep the peace. Instead, they prefer it never to be disturbed in the first place. “The thought of conflict and discord can be intimidating for them, which could lead them to shy away from conflict situations,” Rodriguez explains. “This can be perceived as cowardly behavior, but it's essentially their quest for peace and balance that motivates this avoidance.”

Capricorns: a cautious approach to life

Capricorns can be considered looser than other zodiac signs because of their “cautious, meticulous approach to life”. They evaluate all possible outcomes before making a decision, which can slow down their response and make them appear hesitant or overly cautious. According to Bennet, this zodiac sign's cowardice is most noticeable when external factors jeopardize its stability or . “Capricorns are careful with their finances and watchful of their and professional lives,” she explains. “Their prudence is born of fear for their future.”

Cancers: the scariest fat cats in the zodiac

Cancers are known for being deeply emotional and sensitive, which often leads them to be afraid of anything and everything. “These crabs are the biggest scary cats in the zodiac,” says Bennet. Due to a high sense of vulnerability, this zodiac sign is ready to hide behind its hard shell at the first sign of trouble. “Cancers guard their emotions carefully and run for cover if they find themselves challenged or in a high-stress situation,” Bennet adds.


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