Auto-GPT : A brutal artificial intelligence that thinks almost by itself

Auto-GPT is already here and is worrying many people. It is a direct evolution of which, as its name suggests, can work almost autonomously, creating its own prompts to develop projects almost without human intervention.

When released GPT-4, we were all concerned about the potential of this platform, as it was only a matter of time before someone started developing systems that conformed to the principles of artificial general intelligence (AGI).

That is, a system that would evolve to the next level, where it would no longer be necessary to give an instruction to the to start thinking. A complex point where its reasoning and execution process would be similar to that of the human brain.

This is the prelude to the moment when these platforms will have a minimal level of self-awareness. And that moment seems to be getting closer and closer with the emergence of Auto-GPT, an AI capable of working on its own in various scenarios, virtually without human intervention.

Since the emergence of GPT-4, debate has raged over the of this possibility, but developers are simply moving forward.

Meet Auto-GPT: artificial intelligence based on ChatGPT, but now almost autonomous

In recent days, the new AI Auto-GPT, a generative AI based on “autoprompting” , has become extremely popular in the GitHub repository.

This means that the user no longer needs to consecutively enter a series of , instructions, and adjustments on the platform. Instead, the AI model adapts the evolution of each step of the results itself.

Thus, only an initial instruction is required, and from there the AI itself will learn and adapt each facet of the process. Because of the nature of this process, it is almost an AI, where the startup instruction is almost the only thing that keeps it in control and in its own consciousness.

Auto-GPT, also known on the web as AutoGPT, is an experimental open source application developed in Python by Toran Bruce Richards who originally created it to complement the GPT-3.5 API, but it can now be used with GPT-4 to see its true potential.

Just give a initial instruction such as “create a business that generates a monthly income of 30,000 MXN″, and Auto-GPT generates everything as a branching tree.

In its first output, it gathers a list of general steps, but then, without needing another instruction, the AI starts to expand each point.

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