Avengers Endgame director announces that AI will take over the film industry!

In an interview with Collider, Russo argues that soon AI could not only write scripts, but also direct . For him, this technology can transform storytelling and provide audiences with tailored experiences. Before long, it will be possible to see your own avatar in a romantic comedy, for example.

The future of AI in the film industry: many possible applications

From story to dialogue to visuals, AI could transform filmmaking at every level. It can take into account the emotions of the characters, create interesting dramatic tensions or produce breathtaking special effects. For Joe Russo, it's only a matter of time before AI is able to create complete movies without human intervention.

But the obstacles are many. Not only do more traditional filmmakers not look favorably on this technology, but also, AI can be a source of misinformation and false images. In addition, the issue of copyright will have to be resolved and the future regulation of AI still seems uncertain. However, all these challenges should not prevent AI from becoming an integral part of the film industry, bringing innovations and offering personalized movie experiences.

AI-created virtual actors and voiceovers: a revolution in the making?

According to Donald Mustard, creative director at Epic Games, models such as GPT-4 could offer the ability to create near-perfect virtual and custom voiceovers. Samsung TVs would then be able to project these movies in high quality. Imagine yourself in a photorealistic version of yourself, going through the adventures of a movie played by only virtual characters.

While it may sound scary, AI offers the potential to completely rethink how we create and view movies. The future of AI in the film industry is uncertain, but there is no doubt that the technology continues to advance and offers custom storytelling possibilities for everyone.

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