Beware! Discover how to hack a smartphone without any download!

Traditionally, to hack a smartphone, it was necessary to install a virus or malware on it. However, a study by NordVPN reveals the existence of a new method to hack a phone without the need to install anything on it. This technique is based on electromagnetic signals that mimic the movements of fingers on the screen.

Electromagnetic signals can control your smartphone

This new method is made possible by electromagnetic signals that have the ability to mimic finger movements on the screen. The study was conducted by two universities in China and Germany and confirmed that this technique works on and devices. However, for it to be effective, the electromagnetic waves must vibrate at a certain frequency.

This way of hacking a phone is considered a breakthrough in the world of smartphones, as it does not require the installation of any virus or malware.

A method not as infallible as one might think

Despite the advantages, the method has limitations. It is necessary to be about 4 cm from the smartphone for it to work, the system does not allow remote hacking. In addition, the phone must be unlocked for the technique to be viable. Although this method works successfully on Android and smartphones, users may notice movement on the screen.

All in all, this new hacking method is a step forward, but it has limitations that make it less dangerous than it seems. The technology still needs to evolve to make this technique more effective and less visible to the user.

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