Beware of magnets on your kitchen fridge: the risks could harm its durability

Have you ever wondered why French refrigerators are always adorned with colorful magnets representing the cities visited by their owners on trips around the world?

It turns out that magnets have become an almost inescapable symbol of vacation . But did you know that these magnets could also damage your fridge?

The fridge, an altar of travel

When you return from a trip with a souvenir , it's not always easy to find a place to put it. Fridge magnets are an excellent option, because everyone knows where to put them: on the fridge door. Fridges in Spanish homes have become veritable altars, inviting visitors to and share memories with them.

Potential damage to refrigerators

Despite their innocuous appearance, it's advisable not to place magnets on refrigerators, especially if they're the latest generation. Magnets generate magnetic fields that can potentially damage the appliance. These magnetic fields could interact with the refrigerator's electrical system and cause damage.

Magnets do not harm , contrary to what has been said on social networks. However, given the possible misunderstanding of the magnetic field they can generate, it is advisable not to place them on modern refrigerators to avoid any problems. The magnets used are generally made from magnetic materials such as stainless steel, iron or aluminum, coated with a magnetic material such as neodymium. These materials generally do not cause serious damage to refrigerators.

For those with older fridges without touchscreens or connected systems, there's no problem attaching magnets to the fridge door.

Magnets don't increase energy consumption

In recent months, rumors have circulated on claiming that magnets on refrigerators increase electricity consumption in our homes. However, this has been denied by Endesa, who have assured us that magnets do not cause the fridge to consume more electricity by increasing its electromagnetic force.

To prevent any potential damage and continue decorating your fridge with magnets without risk, experts recommend first placing iron or metal plates on the fridge door. You can then attach the magnets and hang them on your wall to show off your travel souvenirs.

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