Bing and ChatGPT revolutionize online search with 5 new features!

Learn how and are making your search experience even smarter with amazing new features, including restaurant reservations and image results.

Bing and ChatGPT's new features make searching even easier

Microsoft recently announced that its Bing search engine, in collaboration with ChatGPT, will get a slew of new -powered features to make users' lives easier. Among the new features, the search engine's chatbot will soon be able to offer visual results and perform certain actions for you, such as booking a table at a restaurant.

Revolutionize your searches with the “Actions” feature

The new Actions feature is one of the major improvements to Bing with ChatGPT. It's specifically designed to save users from having to manually search for relevant information or perform certain tasks, such as checking which streaming platform a movie is available on and launching it, or finding out the hours of a restaurant.

So if someone is looking for a restaurant to dine at 9 p.m., they can simply ask the Bing chatbot to find a place. With the help of third-party partners, the AI will display a restaurant with availability for that time and offer direct access to book a table.

Watch movies in the blink of an eye

If you want to watch a specific movie, just ask Bing, and the chatbot will provide not only the synopsis or important information, but also the platforms on which it is available and direct access to the player.

Image and video results to enrich your search

Bing with ChatGPT will soon also offer image and video results, as until now the chatbot has only shown text answers. In some cases, users may need visual context. Therefore, it will be enough to ask the chatbot to show images or videos of an object, an animal, a city or anything else, and the AI will display these results. Microsoft also confirmed that the chatbot will be able to offer updated graphics.

A chat history so you don't miss anything

One of the other features coming to Bing with ChatGPT is a chat history similar to the one included in the chatbot. This will allow you to read previous conversations. On Microsoft Edge, the chatbot will remain open on the right side of the screen when the user clicks on some of the links that the AI has displayed as results. This way, you can continue the conversation while browsing the web.

Share your results and collaborate with other applications

Microsoft will also allow text results to be exported to a Word document or shared on other apps. The company also confirmed that it will open up the Bing chatbot to third parties to enhance certain features, such as the Bing Actions feature. The availability date of these new features is not yet known, but it is highly likely that they will arrive in the coming weeks. So get ready for a totally reinvented online search experience with Bing and ChatGPT!