Bluesky: You can already pre-register for Jack Dorsey’s new Twitter

The social network is already available for download, but access is still limited to the first beta testers by invitation.

may have given up all responsibility within , but he is not done with the world of social networks.

An alternative project to Twitter that will become an independent company in 2021

The founder of Twitter is now one of the main investors of , a new social network, which has just made its first steps online.

This project was born in 2019, as an internal project of Twitter, before becoming independent in 2021 and becoming a company in its own right.

While it is possible to download the software from both the App Store or the Play Store, there is no question of finding out what is in store for this new platform.

The company wants to go step by step and will soon launch a beta program, available only by invitation. If you want to try out this new social network yourself, all you have to do is go to the Bluesky website and enter your e-mail address, then wait for the platform to grant you access via an invitation code.

Jack Dorsey wants to create a new decentralized and open source Twitter

It is possible to see what Bluesky will look like thanks to the meager screenshots that the service has published on its software product sheets. No revolution on the horizon, Bluesky seems to have taken over the Twitter interface. The presentations of the news feed or the user profile are strictly identical to the one of the blue bird owned today by . Even the blue “+” button at the bottom right, which allows you to write a new post, has been adopted.

Bluesky wants to distinguish itself from Twitter by presenting itself as a decentralized open source social network, which would not be under the control of a company or a government.

This new platform could be a real success in the future, and gather tens of thousands of users, unhappy with Elon Musk's thunderous decisions and whims since he took over in October 2022, but not yet ready to switch to a Mastodon with a rather different way of working.

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