Book Your Airport Checkpoint in Advance at 19 Locations

Reduce Stress with , a Security Line Reservation Tool

Waiting in long lines can be stressful, especially during busy times. To alleviate this problem, government agencies have introduced programs like and to allow pre-approved passengers to bypass traditional inspection lines. The Security Administration () has also been expanding its biometric facial recognition program to speed up security lines.

Now, Reserve, a security line reservation tool powered by , has been launched to help travelers skip the long queues at 19 airports across the world. The tool allows passengers to reserve their spots in security lines in advance, optimizing security checkpoint wait times.

Going to the airport just got easier! Here's everything you need to know about Reserve:

How Reserve Works

Travelers can reserve their spot in line by visiting the Reserve website and selecting their airport of departure. After providing basic information such as flight number, destination, and group size, travelers will receive a QR code with their reservation details, which they will need to present to the TSA agent. Reservations are available in 20-minute increments, so travelers can book a spot in line for a specific time.

Where is Reserve Available?

Reserve is currently available at 19 airports around the world, including Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Denver International Airport, John F. Kennedy International Airport, Los Angeles International Airport, Minneapolis Minneapolis−Saint Paul International Airport, Newark Liberty International Airport, Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, and Vancouver International Airport.

What to Expect with Reserve

It's important to note that the Reserve lane follows standard security protocol, so shoes, belts, hats, , and liquids must still be removed. Additionally, travelers will need to show their boarding pass and identification documents to TSA officials.

With Reserve, travelers can now save time and reduce the stress of airport security lines for free.

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