Bring your swimwear back to life with this miracle of nature

As an expression of our identity, our choice of clothing plays a crucial role. Whether through the colors, shapes or that decorate our outfits, we transmit our tastes, preferences and trends to the world.

So when our favorite clothes lose their luster, especially our bathing suits during the , it can be disappointing. Fortunately, there's a natural ingredient that just might bring them back to life.

A secret tip to get your swimwear back to pristine white

Alicia Iglesias, a professional organizer, shared via her account @ordenylimpiezaencasa a trick to keep our laundry fresh and clean. She introduces as an excellent choice for absorbing odors and moisture while boosting the effectiveness of your detergent. However, she also introduces another miraculous ingredient, percarbonate, to get rid of the toughest stains, calling it “the best whitener”. Simply adding two tablespoons to your washing machine works wonders.

Consider these details for optimal washing

We sometimes overlook certain aspects when washing our clothes, but these can have a major impact on the quality of the end result. An important first tip is to always check the labels on your garments. They contain valuable information on fabric type and washing recommendations.

What's more, the type of washing machine you own is also a factor to consider. Not all washing machines are created equal, nor do they offer the same variety of programs adapted to each type of fabric. The most modern machines are equipped with innovative technologies that guarantee thorough of your clothes.

Last but not least, always separate your white clothes from your colored ones. Although it may seem obvious, many of us have already experienced the misfortune of a color fading on a white garment. So it's essential not to mix white garments with light colors, dark tones and delicate fabrics.

Now that you're armed with these valuable , you can ensure that your wardrobe, especially your swimwear, will remain spotless and vibrant.

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