Buying the cheapest flights: Google launches the “Lowest Price Guarantee”

This search engine-integrated tool, which can be used on PC or smartphone, is one of the best options for finding flight and deals.

Now it gets even better with the new “Lowest Price Guaranteed” feature. If you know how to use this new tip from Google FlightsYou can save a lot on your future travels. Here is how it works!

Buy a flight when it's cheaper : makes it easy

For some time now, Google has been displaying a price scale for flights: high, medium and low. It's a good guide to find out if the flight you're considering tends to cost more or less than what's currently posted. Now it will be even more accurate in guaranteeing the lowest price whenever possible.

The new “Lowest Price Guaranteed” label will appear on flights that are priced at their lowest ever and are not likely to go down. Therefore, if you see this label on a flight, the best thing to do is to buy it, as it is unlikely to get cheaper in the future.

If the price goes down, Google will refund you

This new feature is so interesting and should work so well that Google will refund you the difference if you find that flight cheaper. It will do this via Google Pay if you can prove that you found a cheaper flight. Of course, it has to say “Price Guarantee” on it.

This is an additional tool that Google provides to users to help them save money on travel and flights. The summary is very simple: if you see a flight with the “Guaranteed Lowest Price” badge, you should buy it, because it will be more expensive in the future.

This feature is currently being rolled out worldwide and it's only a matter of days before you'll see this label on flights you search for via Google.

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