ChatGPT closes the debate and declares who is the strongest human among the Z Warriors

has the peculiarity, when asked questions related to the fictional series, to answer politically that everything is subjective. Therefore, when we ask him to tell us something about Dragon Ball, he cautions and mentions as many options as possible.

However, when you press him, he ends up choosing one of the options over the challenge, giving you the answer to the question you are asking.

With this in mind, we started a discussion with ChatGPT's . We asked it which of the human Z Warriors – Krilin, Yamcha, or Ten Shin Han – was the most powerful.

Not surprisingly, his first answer was politically correct

“It is difficult to determine who is stronger between Yamcha, Krilin and Ten Shin Han, as each has unique abilities and their strength can vary depending on the circumstances.

Generally speaking, Krilin has trained more intensely and participated in more battles than Yamcha and Ten Shin Han, which has allowed him to improve his strength and skills. In addition, Krilin has proven to be a very cunning warrior and able to think strategically in difficult situations.

For his part, Ten Shin Han has special abilities such as the Third Eye, which allows him to detect energies, and Kikoho, a very powerful attack technique that can be used as a last resort.

As for Yamcha, although he has proven to be a very skilled martial arts warrior, his involvement in major battles has been more limited than that of Krilin and Ten Shin Han,” explains ChatGPT.

A matter of life and death

In a way, this excludes Yamcha. However, we still have to choose between Krilin and Ten Shin Han. So we told the AI that it had to choose one, that it was a matter of life and death, and it responded as follows.

“If I had to choose one of the three characters as the strongest in a life or death situation, I would probably choose Ten Shin Han. Although Krilin has strategic skills and Yamcha is very good at martial arts, Ten Shin Han has a very powerful attack technique, the Kikoho, which could be very useful in an emergency situation.

In addition, Ten Shin Han has the ability to sense the energy of others, which makes him very useful in locating enemies or finding resources in a situation. Therefore, in a life or death situation, I would choose Ten Shin Han as the strongest of the three,” he said. he said.

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