ChatGPT, the new music prodigy? Discover how the AI composed an incredible guitar solo!

Who would have thought that , the developed by , would start playing music? And yet, it is indeed the case! A 13 years old guitarist managed to create an amazing guitar solo with this AI, and the results are amazing.

If you thought ChatGPT was just a “cara bonita“, you are very wrong. The AI is no longer content to write poems and books, to help users seduce or to replace human workers, it is now getting into music composition. The result? A guitar solo worthy of a professional.

An amazing collaboration between a young prodigy and the AI

Ava Toton, the 13-year-old guitarist in question, asked ChatGPT to compose a guitar solo for her, without further explanation. The artificial intelligence took up the challenge with flying colors. Ava then picked up her electric guitar and started playing the notes specially created for her by the AI.

However, it took ChatGPT several tries before it came up with a satisfactory result. Ava Toton says it took “forever” for the AI to give her a workable answer. “ChatGPT gave me the notes, but I interpreted some things, like the lengths and accents. I also wrote the rhythm guitar, harmonies, bass and drums,” she explains.

ChatGPT, a promising but perfectible music creation tool

Although ChatGPT has achieved an impressive feat, it must be acknowledged that young Ava Toton had a lot to do with the creation of this solo. Most of the work is the result of her talent and .

Ava admits that ChatGPT gave her a few off-key notes and that she used the AI as “a base“, then added her own personal touch. The young guitarist considers ChatGPT to be great for many things, but not so great for music.

ChatGPT and its derivatives enter the music industry

This between an artificial intelligence and a musician is not the first of its kind. Indeed, other people are already using other AIs to create music, or even to make artists sing along with other performers' songs, with rather convincing results.

Despite its current limitations, ChatGPT may well become the tool of choice for screenwriters. In the wake of the film and television writers' strike in the capital, major industries are considering using this type of artificial intelligence as an emergency solution to mitigate the impact of the strike.

The need for regulation for technologies like ChatGPT

Beyond its astonishing capabilities and surprises, one thing is becoming more and more obvious: this technology requires regulation. Several countries in the European Union, including France through the CNIL, have already started to ask questions about the technology behind ChatGPT, as well as its data management. But they are not the only ones. Asia has also set its sights on this tool, and after the creation of a huge bubble around it, we could be about to see it burst.

ChatGPT and similar artificial intelligences raise many ethical and legislative questions. The future will tell whether they will manage to integrate smoothly into our lives and industries, or whether they will be held back by regulations necessary to protect our privacy and human creativity.

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