ChatGPT : these professions that AI will never eclipse, according to its inventor

(AI) is increasingly intruding into the world of work, and is one of the hottest AIs today.

Although it can perform the tasks of many individuals, some professions still require human intervention. It is these professions that we will discuss in this article. We will also give you on how to stay indispensable in the professional world.

The 34 jobs that AI will never replace

Here is a list of jobs that AI, even as advanced as ChatGPT, will never be able to usurp:

“Slaughterers, meat packers, roofers' helpers, bricklayers' helpers, stonemasons, tile setters and marble workers, carpenters' helpers, painters' helpers, plasterers and stucco workers, plumbers' helpers, pipefitters, furnace fitters, athletes and sports competitors, roof bolters in the mining industry, hairdressers, paving machine operators, surfacing machine operators, machine operators, hand cutters and pruners, fast cooks, meat cutters and adjusters, of poultry and fish, mold makers, foundry core makers, power line installers, power line repairers, vehicle glass installers, vehicle glass repairers, divers, cement masons as well as concrete finishers, mechanics in charge of buses, trucks, diesel engine specialists, motorcycle mechanics, piling machine operators, oil and gas extractors, derrick operators, oil and gas. ”

If you work in any of these jobs, rest assured: AI will not replace you.

Jobs threatened by AI

It is equally important to learn about the occupations that may be affected by AI. Indeed, many industries are already affected, especially those that require repetitive, routine or standardized tasks.

These tasks can easily be automated, and ChatGPT is based on this principle. These jobs include accounting, translation, writing, web development, secretarial work and customer service. The simplest jobs are likely to be gradually replaced. But all is not lost, it is enough to know how to evolve to remain more important than the algorithms.

Does ChatGPT have limits?

Despite the threat of AI in the workplace, it is not without its limitations. Sure, it is reliable and can provide accurate answers, but it also has some shortcomings. One of these is the capacity of the model, as ChatGPT consumes a significant amount of resources. This causes some users to face difficulties when using AI in real time. This problem often occurs with people using the application, which requires instant responses.

The second limitation of AI is that the answers it provides are based solely on the data it has been trained with. Therefore, ChatGPT is prohibited from going to search engines such as or to harvest answers to users' questions. Besides, this is a difficulty that many chatbots face.

Two elements are crucial in the training of a machine learning model: the quantity and quality of the data. So if the data used to train NLP models is estimated to be low in quality, the AI chatbot will not be able to generate responses that are evaluated as relevant. This is one of the many parameters that you should always consider, especially if you are a CEO.

Using ChatGPT as a business tool to keep your job

Although ChatGPT is a danger to many professions, it can also be used to advantage. In fact, you can use it to improve your own work. As you know, this AI is based on the creativity of human beings. Therefore, you can use it to your advantage, in order to keep your job. Among other things, you can use it for brainstorming sessions. There is also the creation of personalized communications, a common practice in digital marketing.

AI plays an important role in virtual assistance, and has for a long time! The ChatGPT should serve as a working tool, like a calculator, for example. The goal is not to rely entirely on it to complete your task. Being creative is what makes a human being human, and you too are endowed with unparalleled inventiveness. AI will simply help you to put it to work.

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