China is preparing for war with an incredible secret weapon: artificial intelligence! Find out all about this impending conflict with Taiwan!

Tensions between China and Taiwan continue to grow, especially as the Asian giant has prepared weapons with (AI) to hit targets as small as a person from 16 kilometers away.

Since the mid-20th century, China has wanted Taiwan back as part of the nation, but the has set itself up as the country's protector, creating a potentially explosive situation.

However, AI could be the decisive weapon in winning the battle, as Wang Jiang of the Beijing Institute of Technology, who is in charge of researching the artillery of this technology, explains. According to him, “AI is evolving rapidly,” and more and more researchers are applying the technology to path planning problems.

AI-powered artillery: stunning accuracy

The accuracy of AI-powered artillery is unmatched. Tests conducted in July 2022 by the scientific team led by Wang Jiang showed uncommon accuracy. Unlike the hyperbole of using artillery for such a small target, which would be a waste of money in wartime, the AI-driven laser launch tests showed amazing accuracy.

Traditional artillery shells typically strike 100 meters or more from the target, due to multiple variables (wind, temperature, atmospheric pressure). But AI can quickly collect and analyze all the environmental data needed to adjust the artillery's trajectory. The researchers say the AI learns through training based on data collected from actual flights or laboratory experiments, allowing it to skip some calculations.

Fears of armed conflict between China and Taiwan

AI technology powering Chinese artillery is adding tension to an already tense situation between China and Taiwan. However, any armed conflict involving these two countries could have disastrous consequences for the entire region, and potentially the world. The United States could feel compelled to defend Taiwan, provoking a confrontation with China, and Russia could also be inclined to intervene on China's behalf.

In an increasingly connected world, where regional conflicts can quickly become global crises, it is more important than ever that all parties involved in the China-Taiwan dispute work together to resolve differences peacefully.

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