Claude is the new artificial intelligence that processes three times more data

The AI platform industry has reached levels unimaginable just a year ago. In the past few months, we've seen systems like Midjourney and rise to the top of global popularity with their brutal power. But this was just the beginning and Claude is the perfect example.

We had already had some sort of “warning” of what was to come with the launch of Bard, Alphabet's AI, which at launch proved to be far more robust, functional, complete and intelligent than the model.

Now a new competitor is coming to market, Claude AI, which is reportedly capable of handling far more than ChatGPT's system, making it a system to watch closely. Its response speed and the volume of information it can analyze in a few seconds are impressive.

To give you an idea of what we're talking about, this new AI is based on a more powerful language model, which is capable of processing up to three times as much as GPT, a considerable difference for a platform that is inherently quite powerful in principle.

Meet Claude, the Artificial Intelligence that could make you forget about ChatGPT

Claude, as described in his official blog postis a linguistic AI model developed by the company Anthropic, which is capable of processing and analyzing up to 100,000 text tokens at each prompt.

This means that, in theory, every time it starts a job, the AI would be able to analyze, understand and generate answers, analyzing documents consisting of more than 75,000 words in a few seconds.

In other words, those 100,000 tokens mean that the AI can provide immediate answers from 6 hours of audio, 240 pages of technical documentation and API code, or an entire average novel almost instantly :

One of the clearest examples has just been posted on the company's official account, where it shows the power of 100,000 tokens in action by asking Claude to analyze the entirety of Scott Fitzgerald's novel The Great Gatsby.

The AI was introduced in its entirety on the platform, and rendered about 75,000 tokens of text, modifying certain passages and descriptions of characters in the plot.

The engineers then asked Claude to detect the alterations in the original text, which he managed to do without a problem in just 22 seconds.

ChatGPT already has another competitor that can make you uncomfortable.

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