Decorate your home and take care of your health

In addition to decorating your home, are good for your and perfect for beginners in . Discover the selection we have made for you!

Ficus: ideal for large spaces, it should be away from radiators, drafts and low temperatures. It needs indirect light and water when the soil is dry. Helps block noise .

Houseplants are beautiful, natural and generally easy to care for.

Mother-in-law's Tongue (Sansevieria Zeylanica): its elongated, two-tone leaves make it an ideal candidate for the bedroom because it is decorative, space-saving, releases oxygen at night and helps purify the atmosphere. It is very hardy, needs shade and very little watering.

Adam's Coast (Monstera deliciosa): its appearance is very recognizable thanks to its large tropical-looking leaves, which are pierced like Swiss cheese. As it grows in a humid environment, it is better to spray its leaves from time to time and to water it once a week. It can grow a lot.

Red Anthurium (Anthurium): this neotropical plant combines the beauty of a plant with the bright and striking color of its red . It is resistant to all kinds of temperatures, but should be placed in a humid environment and near a window, but not in direct light.

Cintas (Cordyline Australis): without a doubt a very showy and decorative variety that requires very little attention because it resists high temperatures and does not need too much light. Perfect for entrances and corridors.

: This desert plant is very easy to care for and stands up very well to the heat of an indoor room. In addition to being very attractive, its leaves can be used for therapeutic and aesthetic purposes. It is good to give it light and it should be watered once every 15 to 20 days with little water.

Poto (Epipremnum aureum): it tolerates low light and should be watered only when the soil in the pot dries out. They are perfect for placing on a cabinet or in a bathroom, as their branches become pendulous as they grow. Helps purify the air of toxins and CO2.

Jade Tree (Crassuwa Ovata): its small, fleshy, sapwood-like leaves are resistant to high temperatures and can grow to a height of one to two meters.

These just need a good location in the house and the care they deserve.

Stephania erecta: it is known for the peculiarity of its round leaves that grow from a kind of tuber (similar to a potato) called caudex. Native to Thailand, it is very beautiful and original, which makes it a perfect choice to decorate the living room. It needs plenty of moisture, warm temperatures and watering without puddles.

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