Discover 9 meaningful foreign words for your tattoos

Tattoos have become much more than simple drawings on the . They've become little works of art that express our identity and . Nowadays, prejudices against tattoos are becoming increasingly rare.

Tattoos: a form of personal expression

People generally choose to get tattoos for different reasons. Some do it to overcome their fears, others to communicate their passions or inspirations. Some do it out of or affection for their loved ones, while still others choose to get a as a way of coping with adversity. Tattooing thus blends psychology, philosophy, sociology and anthropology. They are small messages engraved on our skin, through which we express an idea to the rest of the world.

Tattoos with fine, minimalist lines: an aesthetic trend

In terms of aesthetics, fine-line and minimalist tattoos have been the most popular in recent years. They offer understated beauty and elegance, without attracting too much attention. These tattoos are often considered true works of art, where each stroke has its own importance and meaning.

9 foreign words with deep and beautiful meanings for unique tattoos

If you've always thought about getting a tattoo, here's a selection of ten foreign words with deep and beautiful meanings that could be perfect for getting started in the world of tattoos.


The Danish word “Hygge” refers to the happiness we find in the little things, whether alone or in the company of friends. It's about those little moments of joy and that are an integral part of our daily lives.

Koi No Yokan

The Japanese term “Koi No Yokan” describes the inevitable feeling you get when you fall in love. It's a kind of love at first sight, a certainty that this person will leave an indelible mark on us from the very first glance.


The Chinese word “Yuánfèn” evokes people destined to meet and stay together. It combines the chance, or opportunity that brings two people together, with the certainty that these two people will stay together.


The Swedish word “Mangata” refers to one of the most beautiful images in existence: the reflection of the moon on the water. It evokes those magical moments that can be observed on summer evenings by the sea.


If you're nostalgic by nature, the Portuguese word “Saudade” is for you. It describes that feeling of longing and longing for something or someone who is no longer present.


The Greek word “Meraki” means to do something with all one's love, passion and soul. It's a powerful message to keep in mind in our daily lives, because when we put our heart into what we do, things run much more smoothly.


The Japanese word “Wabi-Sabi” describes the aesthetic that finds beauty in imperfection. It emphasizes the importance of nature and the between the growth and decay of things.


The Brazilian word “Cafuné” depicts the pleasant, tender sensation of running one's fingers through one's partner's hair. It symbolizes a beautiful form of love and affection.


Finally, the Norwegian word “Forelsket” defines that euphoric, invincible feeling you get when you fall in love. It's an indescribable sensation, always accompanied by a touch of vertigo.

In conclusion, tattoos have become a genuine form of personal and artistic expression. They allow us to convey profound messages and capture moments of happiness, love and nostalgia. Whether you choose one of these foreign words or another idea, your tattoo will be unique and will reflect your identity. So let your flow and express yourself through the art of ink on skin.


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