Discover “cash stuffing”: the envelope method to control your budget in times of inflation

Are you looking for a method to better control your expenses and manage your budget in this period of inflation? Cash stuffing, also known as the envelope technique, could be the perfect solution for you. This method, which is all the rage on social networks, will allow you to better understand the value of money and better track your spending.

How to implement this method and manage the unexpected?

Cash stuffing in practice : Each month, you just have to put some cash in envelopes dedicated to different categories of expenses. This way, you make sure you don't spend more than you've allocated, and you avoid getting into financial difficulties.

Anticipate the unexpected: Consider including an envelope for unexpected expenses or emergencies, as Chloe, a “cash stuffing” enthusiast since last July, advises. “All expenses, even the smallest ones, are good to plan for,” she explains. This will allow you to deal with the unexpected without jeopardizing your budget.

Become aware of the value of money and adjust your spending

Learn to better manage your expenses: Using cash and envelopes will help you better understand the value of money and adjust your spending accordingly. Léonie, who has been using this method for two years, realized that she was spending 4,000 euros a year on clothes and decided to reduce this expense in order to focus on other leisure activities.

The psychological trigger: “The fact of having cash in front of you, of seeing a banknote disappear when you make a purchase, really gives you the notion of money, much more than a contactless payment with a bank card”, says Léonie. This awareness allows you to better manage your budget and to get out of an overdraft.

A method adapted to all budgets and easy to implement

Organization and analysis : The key to success with this method is good organization. Analyze your accounts, allocate your expenses and plan your purchases to stay within your budget. Chloe, for example, sets her weekly menus and goes shopping with a specific list and money envelope.

Accessible to all: The “cash stuffing” method is applicable for all budgets. “Everyone's goals will be different. For people with very small incomes, they won't save, but they will be able to control other expenses or pay off an overdraft,” explains Léonie.

Cash Stuffing to regain control of your budget

The “cash stuffing” or envelope technique is a simple and accessible method for everyone, allowing you to better control your budget and become aware of the value of money. By adapting this method to your needs and by anticipating unforeseen events, you will be able to avoid difficult financial situations and enjoy a more comfortable life.

So, don't hesitate to try this method which has already convinced many people and which could well change your relationship with money and your expenses. Take the time to analyze your accounts, organize your spending and adapt to this method to get the most out of it.