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In an interview with The 74, spoke out about the potential role of in the future of education.

According to Bill Gates, AI has the potential to be as good a teacher as a person who specializes in explaining and conveying information. However, it is important to emphasize that the role of teachers remains crucial because of their “human” role and their ability to guide their students.

The co-founder also clarified that AI could be used to improve training programs, but that this would require additional resources, as this technology is not cheap. Therefore, it is desirable that the costs associated with the use of AI will decrease in the future, which would facilitate access to education in areas where teachers and centers are not readily available.

How AI could revolutionize education

According to Bill Gates, AI has the potential to radically revolutionize education by allowing the learning process to be personalized for each individual student. With AI, teachers can develop curricula that take into account the skills, interests, and weaknesses of each student.

In addition, AI can help teachers assess student performance and know when it is time to intervene to provide additional support. The technology can also help students learn faster and more effectively through the use of sophisticated and adaptive algorithms.

Bill Gates' take on AI

While Bill Gates finds AI fascinating and full of potential, he believes that this technology is not that different from what we have already experienced in the field of computing. However, he acknowledges that recent advances in AI are amazing and he is excited about the rapid in this field.

The Microsoft co-founder also criticized the call by several experts to stop AI research. For Bill Gates, AI is a technology that offers incredible opportunities, provided its limitations are recognized and ethics are at the heart of its development.

Ultimately, Bill Gates believes that AI has the potential to radically change many aspects of our lives, including education. However, he calls on policymakers to use this technology responsibly and work together to maximize its potential while minimizing potential negative impacts.

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