Discover how to recycle a roll-on deodorant with TikTok’s viral tip

If recycling is one of the best ways to help protect the planet and save money, it's that more and more people will want to jump on the sustainable development bandwagon.

So much so that many of the hacks offered in 's For You are linked to this new trend. It's not hard to find on how to make your own compost, or how to reuse jars around the house in more creative ways. Social network users are clear: green is in.

Give your deodorant a second life with this eco-friendly and practical tip

Encouraged by this initiative, one of the app's content creators has published a video that not only encourages personal , but also helps protect the environment: how to give your usual roll-on deodorant a second use. We've all incorporated the use of deodorant into our daily routine to contribute to our personal hygiene. However, if we think about it, every deodorant we buy is single-use, and most of them are made from metal or plastic materials, which are not fully recyclable.

Reuse your deodorant bottle with this simple trick

That's why a Tiktok user has come up with a trick for reusing the deodorant packaging you use every day. To do this, you'll need a knife or sharp object, water, soap and your deodorant bottle. Using the knife, tweezers or awl, remove the ball of deodorant (taking great care not to cut or injure yourself). Once removed, clean the deodorant ball and roll-on deodorant bottle by immersing them in a bowl of soapy water and scrubbing until no product residue remains.

Create your own personalized dispenser with your deodorant bottle

Finally, pour in your favorite gel from the ones you have at home. With these simple steps, you've just made yourself a new product dispenser. As we know, people on social are very creative and have decided to use this trick to improve their skincare routine or to protect themselves from the sun. The products they've incorporated into the package include gel, sun cream, holistic oils or even a new deodorant made with coconut oil and .

By adopting this simple, eco-friendly trick, not only can you save money by reusing your deodorant bottle, but you're also helping to reduce plastic waste. So why not join the green trend and give your deodorant packaging a second life? Follow the topics that interest you and learn new eco-friendly hacks on TikTok!

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