Discover one traveler’s ploy to avoid baggage fees… and Ryanair’s crazy response!

Low-cost travelers are always looking for to avoid paying extra for their luggage. But this time, Ryanair's response to an ingenious ploy has caused a buzz on social networks. Check out this incredible story!

Ingenious travelers face baggage fees

Air is synonymous with fun, relaxation and . However, the price of airline tickets and the extra baggage fees imposed by low-cost airlines can be a hindrance to our desire to escape. Over the years, baggage regulations have become more stringent, leading travelers to look for ways to avoid paying exorbitant fees for simple excess weight.

In order to avoid these extra costs, travelers compete in ingenuity by adopting original solutions such as carrying a bulky backpack or layering clothes. Fortunately, airlines do not yet weigh passengers before letting them on board. The heroine of this story thought she had found the ultimate solution to thwart airline rules, but Ryanair turned the tables.

The pants with countless pockets: the ruse revealed

Bobbi Hadgrafta user, posted a photo of a pair of pants with so many pockets that there are more pockets than fabric. She said she would wear these pants on her next trip with Ryanair. Her subscribers were already imagining her going through with more than 20 filled pockets in her pants.

However, Bobbi did not expect the airline Ryanair to respond to her publication. Ryanair pointed out to the traveler that the price of the pants was exorbitant and that it was better to pay for an extra piece of luggage: “£1,280? Just pay for a bag, Bobbi”. Ryanair's response made the rounds on social networks, accumulating more than 14,000 “likes”.

Overwatch 2 inspired pants: Ryanair's response

Ryanair's community manager deserves a raise for his repartee. Indeed, the person in charge of the company's social networks took the time to look for the model of pants in question: a pair of MJB pants designed in recycled nylon for the Overwatch 2 video game collection. These pants mimic that of a character with unlimited ammunition in the game, hence the presence of ten pockets.

What Ryanair wanted to highlight was the exorbitant price of the pants: 1,280 pounds sterling, or about 1,450 euros. This amount is much higher than the cost of checking a bag with the company, whose most economical option is 21 euros. Bobbi would have to travel a lot with Ryanair to make the investment in these unusual pants worthwhile.

Lesson learned: ingenuity has its limits

This story is a reminder that travelers are willing to get creative to avoid baggage fees. However, it's important to remember that airlines are often one step ahead. In this case, Ryanair was able to turn the tables on them by pointing out the disproportionate cost of the pants.

So the next time you're looking for tricks to avoid paying baggage fees, think twice before investing in expensive solutions. Sometimes it's better to just accept paying extra for your luggage and enjoy your trip.

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