Discover the amazing price of the tyrannosaurus rex skeleton at auction!

The Tyranosaurus Rex is certainly one of the most popular dinosaurs in . Its image has been anchored in the collective imagination for decades, fascinating paleontology enthusiasts around the world.

However, it is rare to find a complete skeleton of this gigantic reptile. However, a group of specialists managed to gather it and offer it for auction. The sale took place in Zurich, Switzerland, and the price reached was lower than estimated: the Tyrannosaurus of 11.5 meters long and 4 meters high was sold “only” for 5.3 million dollars.

A complex assembly for an imposing result

The bones that make up the Tyranosaurus Rex skeleton were gathered from three different excavation sites in the , for a total of 293 pieces. The complexity of the assemblage may have led some experts to consider the specimen a “composite,” which would explain the difference between the actual sale price and the original estimates. However, the piece on display, faithfully representing the dimensions and posture of the dinosaur, is imposing and impressive. The skull, which constitutes the central element, was particularly highlighted during the auction.

A piece sold in Europe for the first time

The story of this auction is however significant for another reason: it is the first time that a complete skeleton of Tyranosaurus Rex is sold at auction in Europe. This could explain the lower than expected sales price, especially since the auction was organized by Koller, a Swiss art auction house. Nevertheless, this does not diminish the interest and historical value of the piece, which was sold to a private European collector. Let's hope that this collector will allow the general public to admire this T-Rex in the flesh, in an exhibition space accessible to all.

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